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Mutual Funds

Mutual fund performance and an analysis of monthly returns of mutual funds is a matter of concern to the fund managers. DSIJ's fund focus article by a reputed fund manager on current events in mutual funds.


04/16/2015 3:48 PM | Thursday |

Should multi-asset class funds be a part of your portfolio considering it has both pros and cons?

Hemant Rustagi, CEO, Wiseinvest Advisors

Stay On Course To Create Wealth

04/02/2015 9:45 AM | Thursday |

Any form of investment comes with its own inherent risks but those who understand this and yet remain systematically committed for a long term are the ones who benefit the most

Hemant Rustagi, CEO, Wiseinvest Advisors

Union Budget 2015 - What’s In It For You?

03/05/2015 5:21 PM | Thursday |

It’s a budget of hits and misses but does have the potential to pave the way for economic growth, By Hemant Rustagi
CEO, Wiseinvest Advisors 

It’s Time To Expand Your Investment Universe

02/19/2015 5:35 PM | Thursday |

It’s Time To Expand Your Investment Universe By, Hemant Rustagi , CEO, Wiseinvest Advisors 


02/19/2015 5:18 PM | Thursday |

In this interview, I V Subramaniam, MD & CIO, Quantum Advisors and Director, Quantum AMC, elaborates upon the current investment climate in India and how it may pan out in the near future

Continue With SIP Route For Investment

02/05/2015 3:38 PM | Thursday |

Most people are in the habit of investing only for the sake of availing tax benefits. And this is done at the fag end of the financial year with no prior thought given to how your investments can reap rich dividends as also help save tax. It would be a wiser option therefore to start now.

By, T Srikanth Bhagavat, Managing Director, Hexagon Capital Advisors,

Maximise Returns From Mutual Funds

02/05/2015 3:03 PM | Thursday |

Investing in a fund wherein the immediate dividend payment is the main attraction is not a smart strategy at all

By, Hemant Rustagi, CEO, Wiseinvest Advisors

IN FOCUS : What Should You Do In A Soaring Stock Market?

01/22/2015 6:38 PM | Thursday |

What Should You Do In A Soaring Stock Market?

Investors who have been selling their equity holdings at every rise in the market considering it to be an opportunity either to book some nominal profit or recover their losses are now regretting their hasty decision, Hemant Rustagi, CEO, Wiseinvest Advisors

Interview: “It Is A Win-Win Situation For Th e Indian Equity Market”

01/22/2015 6:20 PM | Thursday |

The current valuation is a little stretched on the current EPS basis. If you look at the future EPS and take the growth projection into account then the valuation will appear reasonable, says S Ramasamy, Chief Investment Officer-Debt, LIC Nomura Mutual Fund, while sharing his views with Nutan Gupta