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Jul 02, 2015

HDFC Standard Life - Endowment Supreme Suvidha - Growth Fund II

Latest NAV: Rs. 14.72 (As on Jun 30, 2015 ) Compare

Fund Name: Growth Fund II

Plan Group: Endowment Supreme Suvidha

Product Type: Individual

Plan Objective: Saving

Investment Objective

With our HDFC Endowment Supreme Suvidha, you can start building your savings today and ensure that your family remains financially independent, even when you are not around. It is a convenient plan, which saves you from the need of going for Medicals. This Unit Linked Plan gives you with an outstanding investment opportunity to maximise your savings by providing you a choice of thoroughly researched and selected investments. This plan also gives Bumper Addition to the fund value at Maturity.

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1.Valuable financial protection to your family in case you are not around

2.An outstanding investment opportunity by providing a choice of thoroughly researched and selected investment

3.Bumper Additional to the fund value at maturity

4.Increased Premium Allocation Rated from 6th year onwards

5.No need to go for medicals, just filling the short medical questionnaire will do.


1.No need to go for medicals. Just filling a Short Medical Questionnaire will do.

2.This plan gives you Bumper Addition to the fund value at Maturity. Your fund value will be augmented by addition of Bumper Addition, which is a percentage of your original annualised premium.

3.In the long term, the key to building great maturity values is a low Fund Management Charge (FMC). We have a low FMC of only 1.25% per annum (of the fund's value)

4.You can choose to pay your premium as either Half Yearly or Annually. You also have a range of convenient auto premium payment options

5.You can change your investment fund choices in two ways:
Switching: You can move your accumulated funds from one fund to another anytime
Premium Redirection: You can pay your future premiums into a different selection of funds, as per your need

6.Tax benefits are offered under section 80C and 10(10D) of the Income Tax Act, 1961

Entry Age Details

Minimum age at entry - 18 years
Maximum age at entry - 50 years

Policy Administration Charges

0.4 % of original annualized premium will be deducted monthly.

Fund Management Charges

In the log term, the key to building great maturity values is a low FMC. The daily units price already includes our low management charge of only 1.25 % per annum charged daily, of the fund's value.

Mortality Charges

Every month we make a charge for providing you with the death or critical illness cover in your policy. The amount of the charge taken each month depends on your age.

Premium allocation Charges

This is a premium based charge. After deduction this charge from your premiums, the remainder is invested to buy units. The tables below give the percentage of your premium that is used to buy units. This percentage depends on the year of allocation. The premium allocation rates are guaranteed for the entire duration of the policy term. Premium Allocation Rate

Premium Paid During Year(rs.)/Premium Frequency Premium Allocation Rate/Annual/Half Yearly
Year 1 70.00%
Year 2 85.00%
Year 3 90.00%
Year 4&5 100.00%
Year 6+ 105.00%

Single premium Top-Up allocation; The allocation rated for a Single Premium top-up are given below
Single Premium Top-Up(s) Premium Allocation Rate
Single Premium Top-Up(s) - Year 1&2 97.50%
Single Premium Top-Up(S) - Year 3+ 98.00%

Surrender Charges

No. of Original Annualized
Regular Premiums not paid
in the 5 years
Surrender Charge
4 100% of the fund value
3 50% of the fund value
2 30% of the fund value
1 15% of the fund value
For cases where par of the original annualized premium is not paid, for example if the frequency of payment is half-yearly, then the surrender charge will be derived from the above Table on a pro rate basis. No surrender charge will be levied for any policy that is surrendered after the 5th policy anniversary.

Switching Charges

24 switches will be given free in a policy year and any additional switch will be charged Rs. 100 per switch.

Partial Withdrawal Charge

6 partial withdrawal request will be free in a policy year and any additional partial withdrawal request will be charged Rs.250 per request

Miscellaneous charges

This is a charge levied for any alteration to the policy, like premium redirection or additional servicing.12 premium redirection requests will be free in a policy year and any additional premium redirection request will be charged Rs.250 per request. 6 additional servicing requests will be free in a policy year and any additional servicing request will be charged Rs.250 per request. On outstation cheques a charge of up to Rs.250 per instruction will be charged.

Revival charges

A charge of Rs.250 may be charged for revival

Maturity Age Details

Maximum age at maturity is 65 years

Historical NAV

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ULIP Performance

Time Period Return (%)
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