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Apr 01, 2015
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Small Cap 400 (India's top 400 Small Cap companies)

Small Cap 400 Stocks Small in Size, Big on Potential

DSIJ's Small Cap 400 is a comprehensive resource on India's best 400 small cap companies.

The up-to-date info includes the latest developments in each of the Top 400 ranked Small Cap companies with a financial snapshot of the last 5 years, in-depth interviews with leaders of these companies that gives readers valuable insights into these companies and their respective industry.

The book helps you find the right small cap stocks for your ideal portfolio.

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Fact 1 :- MFs / FIIs / FIs influence Small Cap stock prices

Fact 2 :- MFs / FIIs / FIs rarely invest in Small Cap stocks

Conclusion 1 :- Speculation in Small Cap stocks is Minimum

Conclusion 2 :- Small Cap stocks are Safe & Good Investments

Small cap stocks mean different things to different people. Small cap stocks in the Indian context are companies with equity market capitalization of less than Rs 250 crores. Many successful equity Portfolio Managers and financial investment counselors owe their recognition as leading advisors and their bulging bank balances to being the first among their peers in identifying and backing the best of the Small Cap companies that promise the fastest and the largest growth. Small Cap companies are HIGH Growth, obviously they are also High Risk. Complete and reliable data and an inquiring study helps in the identification of the best small cap companies.

The Dalal Street Investment Journal's annual compendium, "Small Cap 400" is the only one of its kind resource and data publication that lists the BEST 400 companies in the Small Cap segment.

The Small Cap 400 book features -

  • Profile of the best 400 small cap companies
  • Address and Other contact details
  • Dividend History of small cap stocks
  • Bonus History of small cap stocks
  • Rights History of small cap stocks
  • Splits history of small cap stocks
  • Products Mix of small cap companies
  • Financials of last five quarters
  • Yearly highlights of last five years
  • Performance overview of top 400 small cap companies and future challenges
  • In depth interview of top CEOs along with their strategy for the company
  • Guiding principles provided by India's top companies from various sectors like Power, Banking, Insurance, Technology, etc. under “Gurumantra” section
  • Caricatures with CEO profiles

An invaluable guide for investors the Small Cap Compendium the compendium carries the Financial Snapshots of all the 400 small cap companies and detailed interviews with selected Small Cap company Leaders to get a peek into their psyche and to understand how they run their companies. You also get vital pointers on how these small cap stocks will fare in the stock markets.

Small Cap Companies actually show the route to survival for many large businesses and manufacturing enterprises during difficult times. Consider this, due to their small size, lack of established brand Equity, Minimal liquidity, Lack of resources for necessary research, untried business models makes the Small Cap Companies most susceptible to threats from a bad rain, a weakening dollar, uncertain and difficult labour environment or simply an unstable political scene. Those that survive actually show the way out and write the escape route and the sustaining strategies for the larger, more stable enterprises to follow.

Click here for a Free preview copy of Small Cap 400 - Your guide to the best small cap companies in the Indian stock market

Remember, Apple started in a garage, Microsoft started with a dream and our own homegrown Infosys started in 1981 with only seven employees. Today in the business world, these companies are brands and forces to be reckoned with.

But they were all Small cap companies once! Read about the potential future Indian Multinationals and Conglomerates in DSIJ's Small Cap 400. Track them and include them in your portfolio now, and reap rich harvests.



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