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Jul 01, 2015

HDFC Standard Life - Young Star Super Premium - Short Term Fund - Life Super II

Latest NAV: Rs. 14.25 (As on Mar 27, 2015 ) Compare

Fund Name: Short Term Fund - Life Super II

Plan Group: Young Star Super Premium

Product Type: Individual

Plan Objective: Children

Investment Objective

With HDFC SL YoungStar Super Premium you can fulfill your child's immediate and future needs- all on your own. Start saving now with this unit linked insurance plan and be assured that savings for your child will continue, even in your absence. This plan offers you choice of cover options and benefit payment preferences- all designed to suit your needs.

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1.The Triple Insurance Benefit helps you secure your child's immediate and future needs. In case of your unfortunate demise or critical illness, we will pay the Sum Assured to your child (Beneficiary). Your family need not pay any further premiums. With Save -n- Gain benefit ,we will pay 50% of all the original regular premiums towards your policy and 50% of the premiums will be paid to the Beneficiary as and when due, on an annual basis. Any Death Benefit or Critical Illness cover terminates immediately.

2.You can customize the ideal plan for your child by choosing the premium you wish to invest along with the Sum Assured, depending on the level of protection required and Benefit payment preference.

3.This plan can be taken by filling Short Medical Questionnaire, which may not require you to go for medicals. Kindly refer to the product brochure for details.

4.You can change your investment fund choices in two ways:
Switching: You can move your accumulated funds from one fund to another anytime
Premium Redirection: You can pay your future premiums into a different selection of funds, as per your need

5.Tax benefits are offered under section 80C and 10(10D) of the Income Tax Act, 1961

Policy Administration Charges

A policy administration charge of 0.25% per month of the original annual premium will be deducted monthly and will increase by 5% per annum on every policy anniversary, subject to a maximum charge of 0.4% of the annual premium or Rs, 500 per month, whichever is lower. This charge will be taken by cancelling proportionately from each of the fund you have chosen.

Fund Management Charges

The daily unit price already includes our fund management charge of only 1.35% per annum, charged daily, of the funds value

Miscellaneous charges

Miscellaneous charge of Rs. 250 may be charged for each additional servicing request.

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