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Jul 03, 2015

SBI Life - Unit Plus Super - Bond Fund

Latest NAV: Rs. 24.68 (As on Jul 02, 2015 ) Compare

Fund Name: Bond Fund

Plan Group: Unit Plus Super

Product Type: Individual

Plan Objective: Investment

Investment Objective

SBI Life - Unit Plus Super is a flexible non participating Unit linked insurance Plan, specially designed to meet your changing requirements at various stages of life. With a wide array of funds, riders and other options, this product gives you the complete freedom to fulfill all your investment and insurance needs.

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1.Guaranteed Additions# of up to 75% of one annual regular premium on a regular premium policy, for a 30 year policy term, subject to the Policy being in force till the maturity date.

2.No Policy Administration fee for first 5 years for Regular and Limited Premium Paying Term (LPPT) plans, thereby boosting your fund value

3.No Premium Allocation Charge from 11th year onwards

4.Guaranteed Additions starting as early as 10th policy year onwards

5.Enhanced investment opportunity through 9 varied Fund Options including P/E Managed Fund, Index Fund & Top 300 Fund

6.Option to pay Regular/Limited/ Single Premium; Switch or Redirect your premiums

7.Flexible product with an option to increase/decrease your Sum Assured from 6th year onwards

8.Life Insurance coverage, with minimum Sum Assured, based on your age

9.Liquidity through Partial Withdrawals.

10.Option to customize the product with a wide range of riders: SBI Life - Criti Care 13 Rider (UIN: 111A018V01), SBI Life - Accidental Death Benefit Linked Rider (UIN: 111A019V01), SBI Life - Premium Payor Waiver Benefit Rider (UIN: 111A017V01) and SBI Life - Income Sustainer Rider (UIN: 111A020V01).


Maturity Benefit:
On completion of Policy Term, Fund Value will be paid.

Death Benefit:
Higher of the Fund Value or Sum Assured is payable; with a minimum of 105% of total basic premiums paid till the time of death.

Rider Benefits:
Criti Care 13 Rider: Provides lump sum amount to take care of 13 Critical Illnesses which include Cancer, Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery, Heart Attack, Heart Valve Surgery, Kidney Failure, Major Burns, Major Organ Transplant, Paralysis, Stroke, Surgery of Aorta, Coma, Motor Neurone Disease and Multiple Sclerosis

Accidental Death Benefit Linked Rider: Provides additional death benefit if the death occurs as a result of an accident.

Premium Payor Waiver Benefit Rider: In the event of the death of the Proposer, the cover for the Life Assured under the base policy continues and the future premiums under the base policy, payable during the rider term, will be paid by the Company.

Income Sustainer Rider: Provides additional benefit in the case of death or in the case of Total & Permanent Disability due to Accident or Sickness, whichever is earlier. A 25% of income sustainer benefit sum assured is paid upfront and 1% of income sustainer benefit sum assured is paid monthly in arrears for 10 years or till the end of the base policy term (capped at a maximum of 30 years) whichever is higher.

Entry Age Details

Age at Entry
Min: 7 years
Max: 65 years

Switching Details

You can Switch your investments among the available 9 Funds to suit your changing investment needs. Minimum Switch amount is Rs. 5,000. Two Switches are allowed free of charge in a Policy Year. A charge of Rs.100 will be levied per Switch in excess of free Switches in the same Policy Year. Unused free Switches cannot be carried forward.

Investment Details of the Plan

Bond Fund: The objective of this Fund is to provide relatively safe and less volatile investment option mainly through debt instruments and accumulation of income through investment in Fixed Income Securities.

Debt Instruments : 60% - 100%
Money Market Instruments : 0% - 40%

Risk Profile Low to Medium

Policy Administration Charges

A monthly Policy Administration Charges as stated below, shall be deducted by cancelling units at the prevailing unit price on the first business day of each Policy Month.

Policy Year Regular Premium Plan and LPPT Plan Single Premium Plan
1-5 NIL Rs. 50/- per month
6 onwards Rs. 60/- per month Rs. 50/- per month

Fund Management Charges

Fund Management Charges: A certain fixed percentage of the relevant Fund before calculating the NAV on a daily basis will be charged as per the rates below:

Fund Name Fund Management Charges
Index Fund 1.25% p.a.
Equity Fund 1.35% p.a.
Top 300 Fund 1.35% p.a.
Equity Optimiser Fund 1.35% p.a.
P/E Managed Fund 1.35% p.a.
Growth Fund 1.35% p.a.
Balanced Fund 1.25% p.a.
Index Fund 1.25% p.a.
Bond Fund 1.00% p.a.
Money Market Fund 0.25% p.a.

Switching Charges

A charge of Rs. 100 is applicable for every Switch, in excess of two free Switches in the same Policy Year.

General Exclusions

If the Life Assured, whether sane or insane, commits suicide, within one year from the date of issue of the policy, the policy shall be void. In such event, the Fund Value, shall be payable and all benefits under the policy will cease.

Partial Withdrawal Charge

A charge of Rs. 100 is applicable for every Partial Withdrawal in excess of one free Partial Withdrawal in same Policy Year

Miscellaneous charges

For issuance of additional/ duplicate copy of yearly Fund Statement an amount of Rs. 100 per statement will be charged.

Maturity Age Details

Age at Maturity - 75 years

Historical NAV

Date NAV
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ULIP Performance

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