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Upstream Pick

Dalal Street Investment Journal

“The worse a situation becomes the less it takes to turn it around, the bigger the upside. " - George Soros
The sheer will to succeed in unfavourable economic conditions makes a company succeed. The risks the company takes to ride over the untrodden path is what gives the future returns. Upstream Pick is a product which endeavours to recognize companies with great entrepreneurship spirit and reward investors. DSIJ has developed parameters through a lot of spade work to identify such opportunities in the market. The research framework helps to pin point companies trading at compelling valuations and high potential upside. The product positions itself in a ‘high risk high return’ category. Think different! Profit more! Go Upstream!!

Key Features

Recommendations: - You will receive recommendations in the first week of the month for BUY. Once the stock reaches the expected TGP, you will receive a SELL cue for the same. On half yearly basis, the previously recommended stocks will be reviewed.

  • bullet Twelve recommendations over a year.

  • bullet The maximum holding period for recommended stocks will be of two years

  • bullet Recommendations will provide clear entry and exit points.

  • bullet High risk companies with potential upside of 30 – 50%

  • bullet Detailed review of financial performance every six months.

Service: - All recommendation will be sent on real time basis Via SMS. A report on the stock will be sent to you via E-mail which details out the reasons for the pick.

Sample Recommendations: -  You will receive our stock recommendation in the following format:
Upstream Pick -BUY UPLat 825 TGT 1237


  • bullet Spotting companies with low valuation reducing entry cost

  • bulletLong term investors can create their own portfolio of stocks

  • bullet Long term investors need not worry about the daily turbulence in the market

  • bulletHigh value unlocking due to restructuring or potential acquisition

  • bullet Identify companies with high operational efficiency and trading on equity

  • bullet Long term investors can benefit from dividends paid