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Vriddhi - Growth

Dalal Street Investment Journal

Laptops replaced desktops.. Cards replaced cash..
"Change is the only constant"
Technology is constantly changing the way business is being done today. But the pace of technological change has been so fast in the last few years that it is leading to disruptions in existing business models and practices. Darwin’s philosophy of “Survival of the fittest” has assumed a new form and meaning in the corporate world and the instinct to survive in a hostile environment is compelling companies to reinvent themselves by coming up with innovative and out-of-the-box survival strategies that ultimately have one focus: "Customer is the "King”.

At DSIJ, we have not just survived but also thrived through good times and bad for about three decades now. We have been through all ups and down of the market and have been keeping a tab on its pulse every day. We soak in current economic environment and we keep a close watch on the companies that are purring cubs now but have the potential to grow into ferocious predatory lions tomorrow. The companies that are in a position to widen their moats every year and like chameleon can adapt to the changing environment of the economic jungle will be our picks for the product.

The company’s agility to understand the business environment, adapt to them and evolve new technologies to stay competitive will be under our watch list.

The parameters that we will be using to recommend companies with long term growth prospects to our investors will be based on a mix of technical and fundamental analysis.

Key Features

Recommendations: - 

  • bullet Under this product, you will receive twelve recommendations in a year with one recommendation every month.

  • bullet Recommendation will be provided any time during first fortnight of the month.

  • bullet The recommendations will have holding period of upto 3 years.

  • bullet Detailed report providing insights on the stock will be provided.

  • bullet Half yearly stock reviews assessing the performance of the company.

  • bullet Exit and entry ranges will be provided to the investors.

Service: - All recommendation will be sent through SMS. A report on the stock will be sent to you via e-mail which will provide detailed reasons for the pick.

Sample Recommendations: - You will receive our stock recommendation in the following format:
Vriddhi - BUY KRBL at 239 TGT 303


  • bullet Building long term portfolio based on growth investment philosophy

  • bulletBest for investors with a long term investment horizon

  • bullet The recommended stocks with potential of 40%-plus return over three years

  • bulletInvestors need not worry about daily turbulence of the share market

  • bullet Benefit from investing in companies which can be future leaders in technology or service

  • bullet Investors can also SIP in the recommendations as per their capital availability

  • bullet Balances risk and reward for the investors