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Sitting on a See-Saw

Sitting on a See-Saw


Time and again a wave of euphoria picks up the market when it has slid a few hundred points. The constant undercurrent of holding the market high is beginning to make investors reckless as they are tempted to believe that the market is now ignoring whatever the news inflow may be and will therefore stay firm. Thus, there is some misreading in the market and the tilt is towards the belief that the risk in investing is very low while the returns are sky high. Statistically speaking, this may be true of late but it should not undermine one’s caution and understanding of risk.   

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Know why this small-cap sugar stock could be in a sweet spot today!

Karan Dsij / Article rating: 4.7

Interestingly, the company made an application to the competent authority to patent the process for the manufacture of the pharmaceutical grade of sugar by registering the process. The company mentioned that the patented process will be used in the coming sugar season to make pharmaceutical-grade sugar, which will be a product and not a commodity.

These Top Performing stocks from the hospitality sector gained up to 23.86 per cent in one week alone!

Travel industry and hotel industry were the most negatively impacted sectors in India, owing to the strict lockdowns.

Yogesh Supekar / Article rating: 3.9

Investors perceive that the hospitality sector stands to gain the most from the aggressive vaccination drive even as the festive season kicks off in India.

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It is very important that the momentum investors and traders identify the pockets of opportunities in advance, to beat the markets.

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The shares of Kajaria Ceramics and the shares of Cera Sanitaryware are trading above all the important moving averages i.e 20D SMA, 50D SMA and 200D SMA.