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Concocting The Chemistry Of Growth


Vinati Organics Ltd (VOL) is a specialty chemical company producing aromatics, monomers, polymers and other specialty products. VOL has been able to deal effectively with the cost advantage of Chinese counterparts in the recent past. Technological advance and economies of scale have helped the company to become a key producer of specialty chemicals. VOL is amongst the largest producers of 2-acrylamido 2 methylpropane sulfonic acid (ATBS), IBB (iso butyl benzene) and IB (iso butylene) products in India. While ATBS is widely used to manufacture dispersants in water chemicals, adhesives, textile companies, mining etc, IBB is used as a pharma intermediate for Ibuprofen, which is generally used as a painkiller. IB has its applications in the fragrance industry and is used as a fuel additive. These three products contributed about 80 per cent of the company's topline in FY18.

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