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The following table lists top-ranked equity funds based on DSIJ's proprietary research methodology. We have evaluated each funds underlying portfolio of stocks and ranked them based on their expected portfolio returns. This way we are also able to rank newly launched funds that are not rated by others due to their short duration of existence. We evaluate all the equity funds based on the changed ratings of their underlying stocks and the change in their prices. Therefore, this list is quite dynamic and reflects the best possible return potential of the funds for the next one year. You can use this ranking to create your own mutual fund portfolio. Depending on your risk profile, return expectations and overall asset allocation, you can add the best performing fund category to your portfolio. For clarity and to include more funds, we have not included ‘Direct’ and ‘close-ended’ funds. You can visit our website ( to know the latest ranking of both ‘Direct’ and ‘Regular’ Funds along with equity oriented hybrid and close-ended funds. This ranking can also be used for reviewing different holdings in your fund portfolio. Hence, a consistently laggard performer of a category can be looked at as 'Switch' or 'Exit' advice.

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