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IPO Market To Gain Momentum


The IPO market in India has been extremely investor-friendly all these years, so much so that we find many ‘IPO only’ investors across the country. Indeed, IPO investing has been extremely popular with the investors for decades. However, there is something amiss about IPOs in 2019. IPOs have become non-existent. You hardly find any investor talking about IPOs and even lesser number of investors who are excited about investing in IPOs. The euphoria is missing in the primary market even when the Sensex – the key benchmark index – is trading close to its all-time highs. Normally, when the valuations are high and the key indices are trading at historically high P/E levels, we have seen companies hitting the IPO market to raise equity capital. But this time around, very few companies have hit the markets despite higher P/E valuations for the market.

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