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Shruti Jadhav / Article rating: 3.5

Dalal Street Investment Journal has always been a pioneer in adopting the best practices so that our readers not only read the journal, but act in a prudent manner to take some sound decisions. Keeping in mind our logo “Democratising wealth creation,” we are pleased to have ranked 100 best business schools of the country, keeping the authenticity and objective of our tagline, intact. 


Vishal Dolas / Article rating: No rating

While some of the institutes are really striving to become world class in all respects, there are a good number of institutes that are running on expired courses and inefficient methods. In this era of intense competition and numerous choices, it is essential to be informed and aware of the relevant institutes and courses on offer.

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Should you move out of mutual funds and invest in fixed deposits?

Henil Shah / Article rating: 3.8

In recent times, if you are facing losses in mutual fund investments then you are not the only one. Off-late, many investors gave up their FDs and started investing in mutual funds, but now as mutual funds are incurring losses, many investors are thinking to move back to FDs. So let us find out whether doing so would be a good or bad idea.