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Recommendation From Miscellaneous Sector

Recommendation From Miscellaneous Sector


This section gives a recommendation of a stock having stock price below Rs 100 with sound fundamentals and expected to give handsome returns over a one-year time horizon.  

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Growth versus value investing

Prakash Patil / Article rating: 5.0

Many stock market investors are prone to face the dilemma: ‘Should I invest ‘growth’ stocks or should I put my money in ‘value’ stocks.’ This conundrum is quite common and it is necessary to understand the two approaches in order to resolve it.

Top-down or bottom-up approach, which one to adopt?

Prakash Patil / Article rating: 1.0

In the world of investment, people talk of ‘top-down’ or ‘bottom-up’ approach to investing. The lay and novice investors are bewildered by this financial jargon as these terms are beyond their comprehension. So, here we first try to understand what these terms mean and then figure out how to decide which of these two approaches is more suitable in a given situation.