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Recommendations from Chemicals & Petrochemicals Sectors

Recommendations from Chemicals & Petrochemicals Sectors


The scrips in this column have been recommended with a 15-day investment horizon in mind and carry high risk. Therefore, investors are advised to take into account their risk appetite before investing, as fundamentals may or may not back the recommendations. 

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Interplay of fundamental and technical factors in stock prices

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The price of a stock, it is said, is a function of demand and supply at any given point in time. This hypothesis holds true, provided there are no extraneous factors at play. While the second-by-second fluctuation in stock price may have nothing to do with any change in the fundamental factor, the overall demand-supply equation is the function of fundamental factors that go a long way in the determining the price level of a stock.

Budget 2018 leaves investors and salaried class fuming

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The Union Budget 2018-19 has left the salaried class and investors fuming as there is hardly anything in the budget that would meet the expectations of these sections of the society. On the one hand, the long term capital gains tax on equity has raised the heckles of the stock market investors, on the other, the salaried class is sore as budget gives them with one hand and takes away with the other when it comes to tax rebate.