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COVER STORY Vol. 35 Issue No. 20

Book Profits, But Selectively!

Voracious bulls are at play right now and the jumping stock prices are a pleasing sight to many investors. As the stock prices and indices, both local and global, inch higher, a majority of investors and professionals are wondering if it is the right time to book out.

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It’s Time for Quality, Not Quantity

Believe it or not, despite the economic challenges foreseen, there is a rac

Special Report

Go Global, Invest Internationally!

Equity portfolio management is all about maximising returns while minimisin

CFO - The Financial Wizard With A Strategic Mind!

With the ongoing pandemic disrupting economies around the world and pushing


GODREJ AGROVET : Perfectly Poised For Growth

Healthy product mix and penetrating existing markets while entering new mar

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Data Bank

This is a super house of financial data on 3500 corporates with up to date

Informed Intelligence


The recommendations provided in this column are taken from various market s

Letter to Editor

Investing in Beaten-down Stocks

I am very thankful for the recent issue discussing beaten-down stocks and t

Market Moves

Results To Take Centre-Stage!

The PMI data in the Euro zone did disappoint market participants but the st

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Query Board

This section gives decisive investment rationales to our subscribers on the



In this edition, we have reviewed JK Paper Limited and Bajaj Finance. We su

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Roll of Honour- CFO Special

To compile the CFO rankings, DSIJ examined the performances of companies li

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MF - Cover Story

All That Glitters Is Gold

It is not a question about whether you should buy equity or gold. It is mor

MF - Databank

MF Data Bank

Data Bank of top-ranked equity funds based on DSIJ's proprietary resear

MF - DSIJ Recommendation

Fund of Fortnight

This is our mutual fund recommendation. Every fortnight , we recommend one

MF - Editorial

Gold is Essentially a Portfolio Diversifier

In the last couple of weeks gold has turned out to be quite volatile and is

MF - Expert Guest Column

Reap The Best Rewards

Investing through mutual funds can be a sure-shot way of enhancing your cha

MF - Goal Planning

In Favour of Focused Funds

Most investors think that risk is proportionately reduced by adding each ad

MF - Letter to Editor

Index Fund

I am heavily invested in large-cap funds and am thinking of shifting to ind

MF - Special Report

Is An All-Debt Portfolio A Prudent Option?

An analysis carried out by DSIJ shows that debt gave better risk-adjusted r


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28 September, 2020
Vol. 35 Issue No. 22
14 September, 2020
Vol. 35 Issue No. 21
31 August, 2020
Vol. 35 Issue No. 20