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DSIJ Mindshare

Technical view on Bharti Airtel

Vinayak Gangule / Article rating: 3.8

The stock has underperformed the frontline indices in the current leg of the upward rally. Also, the stock has relatively underperformed Nifty 500 with a decent margin. The relative strength comparison with Nifty 500 and Nifty 50 has slipped below the low of November 2019.

L&T Technology Services gives trendline breakout

Vinayak Gangule / Article rating: 3.8

Considering the daily timeframe, the stock of L&T Technology Services (LTTS) has given a downward sloping trendline breakout, formed by connecting swing highs since May 2019. Further, the breakout is supported by a robust volume of more than 10 times of 50-day average volume, indicating a strong buying interest by the market participants.

Technical view on ITC

Vinayak Gangule / Article rating: 3.5

Currently, the stock of ITC Limited has divided the community of investors into two groups. One group comprises those who believe that it is incredibly attractive at the current levels while the other group is of the view that it’s a value trap. However, the question arises as to who is correct? Let’s check this from a technical perspective.

Bank Nifty surges above 200-DMA

Vinayak Gangule / Article rating: 3.6

On Friday, the index surged above its 200-DMA for the first time after February 28, 2020. In technical parlance, the 200-DMA is considered important as it is one of the basic technical indicators that can be used to determine the long-term trend of security.