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Senitta Debunks Menstrual Hygiene Myths & Spreads Dioxin Awareness

Its high time now to break through all the myths and taboos related to menstrual hygiene with Senitta. A brand by Unicorn Hygiene, aspires to spark the flame of knowledge and enlightenment about personal hygiene and self care in the minds of women across India. Senitta is not just other sanitary napkin but has the potential to be the voice that brings a big change in the menstrual hygiene conversations and practices prevalent in the society. In India, women are ashamed or scared to discuss issues related to menstrual hygiene. With that belief in mind hope to change the current scenario, Senitta strives to educate women about the importance of personal hygiene and the complications it can lead to if ignored. They do this by undertaking several awareness educational campaigns, one such campaign was organised to educate young women from various educational institutions in Lucknow.

Senitta Spreading Dioxin Awareness Debunking Menstrual Hygiene Myths In Schools at Lucknow

The events were organised in following colleges of Lucknow - Carrier Degree College, Eram Girls Degree College, Navyug College, Ramadhin Singh Girls Degree College, Amity University, AIM, Dayanand Rama Degree College, Sardar Bhagat Singh Degree College.

The goal was to spread awareness regarding dioxin (a group of highly toxic chemical compounds that are harmful to health. They can cause problems with reproduction, development, and the immune system. They can also disrupt hormones and lead to Cervical Cancer.) to break several myths related to menstrual hygiene that many women have to answer their questions related to menstrual hygiene. They also showed how Senittas dioxin-free sanitary napkins are different and helps to keep the hazards related to menstrual hygiene at bay.

The event commenced by distributing Feedback forms which were going to be collected at the end of the session and the anchor briefed the audience about the session, the product women hygiene experts. The sessions were led by women hygiene experts - Dr. Purnima Dr. Amit (also known as the Padman of Lucknow) who were there to share their expertise on the topic and provide solutions to the problems that students face during their periods briefed the students on topics related to personal health hygiene, the Dos and don;ts during menstrual pain and educating them about Dioxin.

Followed by the session, students were asked for their thoughts suggestions about the Senitta advertisement that was played during the event. Then the students were taught about Senittas seven layers of protection which makes it different from other sanitary napkins in the market, via an infographic video of Senitta. In the end the students were felicitated by Senitta certificates for their cooperation active participation in the event.

Return gifts like Senitta packs, along with refreshments sweets were given to the students teachers as a token of appreciation. Students were also introduced to the features benefits of Senitta App (Hygiene Bank).

The event has reached 9 institutes in Lucknow and inspired a total of 2758 students to take matters like menstrual hygiene seriously and to show them that, there really is Nothing to whisper about it.


one of the top management consulting firms with a global presence has been the force behind the brand building of Senitta. 3EA, has been handling all the marketing, branding promotional work for the brand, right from the tagline creation to the launch. Industry veteran and a well-known brand consultant from 3EA, Dr Vibhor Mishra is the brain behind the brand positioning for Senitta. Dr. Mishra came up with a very unique tagline Nothing to Whisper about it.; for the brand. He also coined the punchline, BeBoldForeverYou;reBeautiful; which has been doing rounds across several Social Media. It can be seen that 3EA has left no stone unturned in their efforts for Senitta in terms of brand building, positioning, organizational structuring marketing communication providing holistic integrated solutions.


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