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India's best innovation 'TRU HAIR', The world's 1st Ayurvedic hair oil with heater

India's best innovation 'TRU HAIR', The world's 1st Ayurvedic hair oil with heater

HYDERABAD, India, Nov. 5, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Ayurveda is a gift that keeps on giving. When done right, Ayurveda has helped people overcome various hair and skin problems. But what most people find difficult is that they don't feel equipped with the knowledge on what the right way to use Ayurveda is. But a Hyderabad based company is busy trying to bridge that gap.

Tru Hair - launched at the beginning of this year, is the world's first ayurvedic hair oil to come with a heater. Most people know how warm oil therapy can help, but what they lack is information on the right temperature. The small yet compact Tru Heater heats the oil around 65 degrees in about 4 minutes and thanks to the auto cut off technology, it is always heated to the right temperature. 

The brand has understood the need for a convenient and highly beneficial hair care solution in this fast-paced world. Tru Hair oil is a true amalgamation of the goodness of herbs and the technique of heating oil. The idea of Tru Hair took shape with the desire to combine Ayurveda and technology. 

Tru Hair oil is free from harsh and harmful chemicals, it is cruelty free and natural and made in India. Tru Hair has shattered the myth that products can't be 100% Indian. From the science to the technology, Tru Hair's team has been able to create the product in India, including the electronic components. The brand believes that creating the product in India is a strategic decision that's allowing them to explore and update their product. In fact, the brand has already rolled out a second variant of the heater in the last month.

The learning curve has been exciting and interesting for M.S.Harsha; the young entrepreneur who is the face of the brand, "Being Truly Indian was very important to us. When Ayurveda is Indian, we thought, why not extend this to all aspects of the product. Including the electronics. And people have taken note of it."

The brand has emphasised on the importance of the age-old heating oil technique and the many benefits it has to offer such as Healthy Hair Growth, Reduced Hair Fall, Fights Dandruff, Adds Shine to the Hair and many more. The hair oil is prepared based on the ancient ayurvedic script and is an amalgamation of 13 novel herbs like Bhringraj, Amlaki, Hibiscus, Brahmi to name a few. Each of these rare and novel herbs has been picked because it helps strengthen the hair from the root while also fighting hair problems.

The product is very well priced, affordability plays a huge part in why some people can never be able to invest in their hair care regimen. But not with Tru Hair, priced at a modest Rs 249, this is a product everyone can sign up for and use regularly.

Another senior member Mr. Srinivasan (Sr.VP) says that, "People are curious about the product, they are also equally impressed once they start using it. Within the first 6 months of starting, we have people reaching out saying 'TRU HAIR' has become a 'must' as a part of their hair care routine and that they've been buying and recommending the product which is a huge morale booster."

Tru Hair is in many ways the ideal 'Indian Company'. Made in India, sourced locally and supporting local talent; but that's not all. Tru Hair is also supporting rural girls education by donating 5% of the total billing amount to an NGO when one buys from their website.

Innovation and Integrity and Indianness: Tru Hair has the right formula for success.

About Tru Hair

Tru Hair is a Hyderabad based company who created TRU HAIR, where the company combined the goodness of 13 novel herbs with an effective oil heating technique to deliver the desired results. The company offers the world's 1st Ayurvedic hair oil with heater. 

Media Contact:
Meghana Lawate 
040–4218 3838  




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