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DSIJ Academy helps you acquire finer understanding of the way money works through our structured programs that help individual investors master the key components of successful wealth creation.

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Options Trading and Strategies Webinar

Foremost, we would like to thank you for attending our webinar on introduction to options. We are sure you must have gained a lot of valuable insights into the world of options.

We are sure that you must be aware of how vast this stream is. The introduction to options webinar merely scratched the surface of what otherwise is an ocean.

In continuation of this webinar, DSIJ academy will be conducting yet another webinar on options trading (intermediate level) that will shed more light on other important concepts of options. This webinar will build up on today's program and will help all you prospective traders and investors gain further understanding of how options work and how best to trade them.

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DSIJ Academy, a learning and education services offering of Dalal Street Investment Journal, is on a mission to foster financial proficiency by imparting high quality education on financial investments that help one in making well informed investment decisions . If you’re willing to commit the time, you can have all the advantages that accrue from becoming financially literate. All you have to do is put out the effort, and a lifetime of benefits is yours for the taking.

DSIJ Academy provides diverse training courses based on the best practices followed by DSIJ and brings real life investment and trading experiences into the classroom.

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This webinar will cover the following topics.

  • Elements of options contracts
  • Risks and Obligations
  • Options terminology
  • Understand Option chains
  • Understand what Intrinsic and Time Value are.
  • Concept of moneyness
  • Options for stocks.
  • Risk/reward profile charts.
  • An introduction to option pricing models.
  • Basic but powerful strategies.

Many of you reading this want your success to be "right now". But if you cultivate a genuine appreciation for the process of becoming a successful trader, and study to build your knowledge, then the journey will be a lot less arduous and definitely more fun. Looking forward to seeing you.

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