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Dalal Street Investment Journal

Dalal Street Investment Journal (DSIJ), India’s No 1 equity research and capital investment magazine is published every fortnight to cater to the needs of its reader-investors.

Born in 1986, years before National Stock Exchange and market watchdog SEBI were established, DSIJ has always been the favourite among the reader-investors community across the length and breadth of the country.

Today, DSIJ is the only equity investment magazine in the country, which publishes well-researched stock analysis with clear cut guidance for investors on stocks - to buy, hold or sell. The magazine is also accessible via its state-of-the-art Mobile App (both Android & iOS based) that further allows access to Daily Mind shares, Stock Screener & Call Tracker. All in all, a very powerful integrated combo of Print and Mobile experience keeping the investor always ahead.

Some Recent Performance Highlights –

  • As many as 47 recommendations given in DSIJ Magazine were exited on time to give profits to our readers this year.
  • The Cover Story of DSIJ Magazine on 14th Sep (Sensex @38K) provided the readers an advance information to timely book profit before the market lost 15%.

Recomendations closed in last 1 year

Company Column Reco Date Reco Pr Exit Price Exit Date Gain% CAGR
ADF Foods Ltd. Cover Story 26-Oct-17 240.6 313 29-Nov-17 30.09% 323%
Balkrishna Industries Ltd. Cover Story 12-Oct-17 1685.7 2096.5 14-Nov-17 24.37% 270%
Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd. Cover Story 26-Oct-17 95.4 119.6 30-Nov-17 25.37% 265%
Star Paper Mills Ltd. Special Report 28-Sep-17 178.65 228 06-Nov-17 27.62% 259%
Jamna Auto Industries Ltd. Low Price 15-Mar-18 77.15 96.75 20-Apr-18 25.41% 258%
20 Microns Ltd. Cover Story 14-Sep-17 38.5 49.5 26-Oct-17 28.57% 248%
Phillips Carbon Black Ltd. Cover Story 28-Mar-18 219.78 264.65 30-Apr-18 20.42% 226%
Amines & Plasticizers Ltd. Low Price 04-Jan-18 68 81 14-Feb-18 19.12% 170%
Yash Papers Ltd. Cover Story 14-Sep-17 39.25 54.75 11-Dec-17 39.49% 164%
N R Agarwal Industries Ltd. Special Report 28-Sep-17 258.6 326 27-Nov-17 26.06% 159%
Shriram Transport Finance
Company Ltd.
Special Report 01-Mar-18 1348.45 1639 24-Apr-18 21.55% 146%
Asian Oilfield Services Ltd. Cover Story 09-Nov-17 212 243 19-Dec-17 14.62% 133%
Seshasayee Paper &
Boards Ltd.
Special Report 28-Sep-17 737.1 923 13-Dec-17 25.22% 121%
Prism Johnson Ltd. Cover Story 12-Oct-17 108.6 136.7 05-Jan-18 25.87% 111%
Atlanta Ltd. Cover Story 14-Sep-17 90.5 113 15-Dec-17 24.86% 99%
Godrej Agrovet Ltd. Cover Story 07-Dec-17 542.2 663 01-Mar-18 22.28% 97%
Suven Life Sciences Ltd. Cover Story 28-Mar-18 167.8 188.85 17-May-18 12.54% 92%
Cyient Ltd. Special Report 01-Feb-18 640.85 772.55 26-Apr-18 20.55% 89%
Nelcast Ltd. Low Price 05-Jul-18 78.5 87.95 24-Aug-18 12.04% 88%
Tata Consultancy Services Ltd. Cover Story 09-Nov-17 2733.85 3213 29-Jan-18 17.53% 79%
Colgate-Palmolive (India) Ltd. Choice Scrip 01-Mar-18 1051.65 1231 21-May-18 17.05% 77%
Alkali Metals Ltd. Low Price 14-Sep-17 76.7 94 09-Jan-18 22.56% 70%
Symphony Ltd. Choice Scrip 14-Sep-17 1429.8 1672 18-Dec-17 16.94% 65%
Godrej Consumer Products Ltd. Cover Story 26-Apr-18 1129.65 1255 05-Jul-18 11.10% 58%
Escorts Ltd. Choice Scrip 15-Mar-18 854.2 940.45 29-May-18 10.10% 49%
Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd. Special Report 07-Dec-17 999.15 1156.5 18-Apr-18 15.75% 44%
Minda Industries Ltd. Choice Scrip 07-Dec-17 1103.85 1292 23-May-18 17.04% 37%
ITC Ltd. Cover Story 26-Apr-18 275.65 300.35 03-Aug-18 8.96% 33%
N R Agarwal Industries Ltd. Special Report 26-Apr-18 520.25 581 21-Sep-18 11.68% 29%
YES Bank Ltd. Special Report 07-Dec-17 306.2 354.45 06-Jul-18 15.76% 27%
Bajaj Finance Ltd. Choice Scrip 23-Nov-17 1763.85 1933.6 09-Apr-18 9.62% 26%
Dr. Lal Pathlabs Ltd. Cover Story 12-Oct-17 768.65 877.55 17-May-18 14.17% 24%
Persistent Systems Ltd. Special Report 01-Feb-18 783 861.7 11-Jul-18 10.05% 23%
IndusInd Bank Ltd. Analysis 28-Sep-17 1698.3 1938.45 18-May-18 14.14% 22%
AIA Engineering Ltd. Analysis 04-Jan-18 1537.35 1708 03-Aug-18 11.10% 19%
Esab India Ltd. Choice Scrip 26-Oct-17 865.3 947.2 07-Sep-18 9.46% 11%

DSIJ Magazine Includes

Hot Chips - This section gives you some of the momentum stocks which are in buzz for past few days and are expected to give quick returns in a 15-day horizon.

Choice Scrip - This column gives you scrip chosen by the research team during the fortnight that is fundamentally strong and expected to give good capital appreciation over a time period of 1 year.

Low Price Scrip - This section gives a recommendation of a stock having stock price below Rs 100 with sound fundamentals and expected to give handsome returns over a one-year time horizon.

Analysis - This section covers a stock which has been in buzz for the past couple of months. Our research team gives you a complete insight of the company along with guidance on the investment decision to be taken at the current juncture.

Technicals - A fortnightly view on Nifty 50 and two investment ideas on the basis of intensive technical analysis in a 15-day horizon.

QueryBoard - This section gives decisive investment rationales to our subscribers on the stock queries they have raised to our research team.

Kerbside - These stock recommendations are predominantly momentum based stocks and based on Word of Mouth. They are more based on hearsay and comprised of stock recommendations provided by brokers, analysts and dealers (not affiliated to DSIJ).

Editorial Article from the editor’s desk providing an in-depth view on current developments and the pulse of the market

Cover story - This is the main story of the fortnight where our research team covers the most appropriate subject during the fortnight giving a perspective on the domestic as well as international markets. The idea of having a cover story is just like to have a guardian during a long tedious journey. Yes, we believe financial investments are a long, tedious but cautious journey and our cover stories can guide you through.

Special Report -Stories covering various market related topics again with the objective of guiding and educating investors are presented so as to be able to take wise investment decisions.

Market view - This is a focused market trend analysing viewpoint capturing the market developments in past fortnight and providing guidance on the direction of the market for next fortnight period.

Databank - This is a super house of financial data on 3500 corporates with up to date information. In the Magazine version the top 1100 -1400 companies are covered while the data on the entire 3500 companies is available in excel format for subscribers to download.

Expert Speak- This section provides an expert view on investments in Mutual Fund.

Letters to Editor - Feedback provided by DSIJ readers.

Mutual Fund Cover Story - This will cover important concurrent subjects on the mutual fund industry with detailed research, which will help readers form opinions on the matter. The story will also help them take appropriate financial decisions based on our research.

Mutual Fund Select - This is our mutual fund recommendation. Every fortnight , we recommend one open-ended equity diversified fund that has the best potential of returns for the next one year considering its constituents remain the same.

Mutual Fund Ranking - Databank of top-ranked equity funds based on DSIJ's proprietary research methodology.