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Dalal Street Investment Journal

Thirty-years old but conventional, Dalal Street Investment Journal (DSIJ), India’s No 1 equity research and capital investment magazine is published every fortnight to cater to the needs of its reader-investors. Armed with a set of chosen experts on markets and corporate India, the fortnightly magazine has its focus on stock market research and recommendations, capital market analysis, personal finance investment advice and also analysis of various economic activities in the country along with its impact on Indian share markets.

Born in 1986, years before National Stock Exchange and market watchdog SEBI were established, DSIJ has always been the favourite among the reader-investors community across the length and breadth of the country. DSIJ is not only popular, more importantly, it is trust-worthy. Here, the word TRUST is valued the most because we help you to deal with your hard-earned money. We have grown across all these years, just because you too have grown with us seeing your money growing steadily.

About DSIJ

Most big things start small. And that applies to the DSIJ Company as well. Starting off as a 12-page cyclostyled stapled booklet in 1986, Dalal Street Investment Journal (DSIJ), the flagship product of the company, soon began to be looked upon as the gospel of stock market investing. Indeed, it has been a remarkable and rewarding journey so far!

At a time when quality financial and guidance was rare, the company (DSIJ) pioneered many ‘firsts’ to cater to the fast growing investor base of India. Over the years, its primary publication and other products have helped investors create and protect their wealth in the most meaningful manner, guiding both new investors and the experienced ones, not to forget the established traders, to choose the right stocks, avoid pitfalls and reap the benefits of high tides in the vast ocean of equity investments.

Mutual fund Sections

Cover StoryThis will cover important concurrent subjects on the mutual fund industry with detailed research, which will help readers form opinions on the matter. The story will also help them take appropriate financial decisions based on our research.

Special Report - This section will cover the stories about recent events and things impacting the mutual fund industry.

MF Select- This is our mutual fund recommendation. Every fortnight , we recommend one open-ended equity diversified fund that has the best potential of returns for the next one year considering its constituents remain the same. 

Interviews - Industry stalwarts share their expert view on various matters concerning the mutual fund industry, the recent development and the market.

DSIJ MF Ranking - Databank of top-ranked equity funds based on DSIJ's proprietary research methodology.

Unique and forward-looking

  • Evaluate the underlying portfolio of stocks for each fund
  • We use our proprietary method to rank each fund based on their future return potential for the next one year
  • This helps us rank and rate the funds without getting biased by the historical returns
  • This enables us to even rank newly launched funds
  • Our ranking suggests best fund to invest at a certain point of time and on the other hand, it also suggests which funds to exit from

DSIJ Magazine Includes

Recommendations Sections

Hot Chips - This section gives you some of the momentum stocks which are in buzz for past few days and are expected to give quick returns in a 15-day horizon.

Choice Scrip - This column gives you scrip chosen by the research team during the fortnight that is fundamentally strong and expected to give good capital appreciation over a time period of 1 year.

Low Price Scrip - This section gives a recommendation of a stock having stock price below Rs 100 with sound fundamentals and expected to give handsome returns over a one-year time horizon.

Analysis - This section covers a stock which has been in buzz for the past couple of months. Our research team gives you a complete insight of the company along with guidance on the investment decision to be taken at the current juncture.

Technicals - A fortnightly view on Nifty 50 and two investment ideas on the basis of intensive technical analysis in a 15-day horizon.

QueryBoard - This section gives decisive investment rationales to our subscribers on the stock queries they have raised to our research team.

Kerbside - These stock recommendations are predominantly momentum based stocks and based on Word of Mouth. They are more based on hearsay and comprised of stock recommendations provided by brokers, analysts and dealers (not affiliated to DSIJ).

Databank - This is a super house of financial data on 3500 corporates with up to date information. In the Magazine version the top 1100 -1400 companies are covered while the data on the entire 3500 companies is available in excel format for subscribers to download.

Call Tracker *
( Only closed recommendation are listed here. Open recommendations are available only in subscriber's login. )

CompanyColumnReco DateOReco PrExit PriceExit Date% Return
Fineotex Chemical Ltd. Low PriceJul 15, 2021B96.15136.25Sep 16, 202141.71
Welspun India Ltd. Low PriceJun 17, 2021B92.80132.85Jul 19, 202143.16
Indo Count Industries Ltd. Low PriceMay 06, 2021B137.95206.15Jul 14, 202149.44
AVT Natural Products Ltd. Low PriceApr 22, 2021B43.6566.00May 24, 202151.20
Camlin Fine Sciences Ltd. Low PriceApr 08, 2021B139.05209.05Jul 08, 202150.34
Indraprastha Medical Corporation Ltd. Low PriceMar 25, 2021B54.4071.75Apr 28, 202131.89
Grauer & Weil (India) Ltd. Low PriceMar 10, 2021B44.1565.70Jul 02, 202148.81
Marksans Pharma Ltd. Low PriceFeb 11, 2021B58.0079.80May 11, 202137.59
TV18 Broadcast Ltd. Low PriceJan 28, 2021B29.0539.35May 11, 202135.46
Shree Digvijay Cement Company Ltd. Low PriceJan 14, 2021B59.9589.30Jun 08, 202148.96
The recommendations are purely a view point and there is no guarantee on the returns. Hence all the clients (paid or unpaid) are requested to apply their prudence before acting on any of the recommendations. Neither DSIJ Pvt Ltd nor any of its promoters, members, or employees shall be held responsible for any losses incurred (if any) by acting on the recommendations.