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This is a super house of financial data on 3500 corporates with up to date information. In the Magazine version the top 1100 -1400 companies are covered while the data on the entire 3500 companies is available in excel format for subscribers to download.

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Face Value: Actual cost of the stock assigned by the security issuer and shown in the certificate. Year: First two digits shows Year while last two digits showmonth of calender , eg. 1103 shows March 2011 results. CEqt.: Current paid-up capital of the company. B.V: Book Value Per Share: Equity capital plus reserves to the number of equity shares. Sales: Sales figures includes Excise duty. NP: Net Profit : Profit after tax but before investment allowance reserves. EPS: Earnings Per Share: Ratio of net profit less preference dividend to the number of equity shares (Annualised). Div (Rs.): Indicates the dividend per share. D/E Ratio : A measure of a company's financial leverage calculated by dividing its total Debt by stockholders' equity. RONW (%): Net Profit Divided by Total NetWorth. Latest Quarter: Indicates the recent quarterly filing of the company with the stock exchange. YearToDate : Latest Results ( qtr ,half or Nine) of the company. Sales Growth % : Indicates the % growth of sales on year-on-year basis. NP Growth % : Indicates the % growth of Net profit (NP) on year-on- yearbasis . Promoter Holding: Indicates the % of equity holding with the promoters of the company. Promoters pledged shares % : Indicates the % of shares Pledged by promoters. Institutional Holding: Indicates the % of equity holdings in the company held by Financial Institutions, Banks ,Insurance companies ,MF's and FIIs. No Shold: Indicates the Number of Share Holders of the company. (In Thousands) Market Cap: Current market price multiply no.of equity shares. Price: Current Market Price. 52 Week H/L: High/Low range is taken for the market prices during the 52 week H/L. Enterprise Value : Current Market Cap Plus Debt Minus Cash and Bank Balances. Trail.P/E Ratio: Current market price to Trailing 12 months EPS. Ticker: BSE Scrip Code U: Unaudited. Companies with an (") following their equity capital have increased their capital after the last financial year. Companies with an ( *) Before the name of the Company, indicates new addition/ updation /correction made during the fortnight. CB: Cum-Bonus XB: Ex-Bonus. EX: Ex-Rights wherever the price is indicated a Ex-bonus or Ex-rights, the corresponding figures for equity. Reserves, Book value and EPS are adjusted as per the bonus or the Rights ratio.

Notes: (A) The Profit figure reflects the performance of the current year. We have made the necessary adjustments for the prior year's entries in P/L .A/c to reflect the true performance of the current year. Thus our figures may not be comparable with those published elsewhere unless they represent the same thing. (B) Source of information is Company press releases and Annual Reports.

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The fact that dividend plays an equally important role in terms of the potential return you get from the investment in equities is often ignored by investors. Therefore, DSIJ undertook a task to study the dividend yields of companies ..


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