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For the long term investor who believes in disciplined wealth creation from the stock market.

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Dalal Street Investment Journal is India’s No 1 Equity Research and Capital Investment Magazine. Our fortnightly magazine is published with a focus on stock market research and recommendations, capital market analysis, personal finance investment advice and economic analysis and its impact on Indian share market.

Today, DSIJ is the only equity investment magazine in the country, which publishes well-researched stock analysis with clear cut guidance for investors on stocks - To Buy, Hold or Sell.

Tiny Treasure



The best of small cap companies eventually blossom into large successful companies. We at DSIJ, help investors in sifting the rice from the chaff. With time, due to better financial strength, management agility and right targeting small companies inflate and start sharing space with large caps .

Value Pick



‘Value pick’ is a unique product designed and developed by our highly qualified research experts to provide long term investors with stock recommendations with above average market returns. The team applies the principles of value investing and its expertise in analyzing companies across sectors to identify the stock.

Model Portfolio



The desire of any investor is to put their money into equity market and earn maximum returns; however, he wants his risk to be minimised. The reality is that it is difficult to find such mode of investments. Hence, came the concept of ‘Portfolio’, which works on the concept of not putting all your eggs in one basket.

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Dalal Street Investment Journal's Flash News Investment Weekly (FNIW) is India's oldest and most reliable stock market investment newsletter. Flash News Investment (FNIW) provides you with comprehensive fundamental & technical analysis, accurate stock recommendations and returns-oriented tips with an accuracy rate of over 80 percent for short-term equity market investments.

Helping you book profits since 1986, FNIW is the leading stock market investment newsletter for all your short-term equity investment needs.

Upstream Pick



The sheer will to succeed in unfavourable economic conditions makes a company succeed. The risks the company takes to ride over the untrodden path is what gives the future returns. Upstream Pick is a product which endeavours to recognize companies with great entrepreneurship spirit and reward investors.

Mid Bridge



We thoroughly analyze and recommend mid-cap stocks with proven business model and high return on equity potential. Mid bridge provides stock recommendations which have lower risk and high growth potential and can stand the test of time.

Vriddhi Growth



The product is suitable for high risk, high return investors. Low float stocks are highly volatile and investors need to have a high risk appetite. This product aims to thoroughly screen the low float stocks and pick ones which have demonstrated consistent financial performance and management rigour.

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Portfolio Advisory


PAS - Personalized Portfolio Advisory Service, provided by Dalal Street Investment Journal, India's #1 investment magazine with 29 years of rich experience in Indian Equity Research.

Registered with SEBI (Registration No. INA000001142) as an investment advisor, PAS is a customised advisory service based on investors risk profile and investment philosophy.It helps investor to build a tailor-made portfolio along with the 24 X 7 ongoing research that, monitors your equity portfolio for growth opportunities.

large rhino



“Stable like a rhino, large caps lead the pack eventually…..”
Large cap stocks, also called as Blue Chips, acquire the coveted status after many years of consistent growth, first mover advantage and moats which are difficult for smaller companies to enter or breach.

Vriddhi Growth



Laptops replaced desktops.. Cards replaced cash..
"Change is the only constant"
Technology is constantly changing the way business is being done today. But the pace of technological change has been so fast in the last few years that it is leading to disruptions in existing business models and practices.

Our Track Record

75% Annualized Returns
by DSIJ in FY 16-17
Features Value Pick Tiny Treasure Mid Bridge Upstream Vriddhi Pearl Pick Large Rhino
Investment Philosophy Value Investing Small Caps Mid-caps Contrarian Investing Growth investing Low liquidity stocks Large Caps
Parameters considered
  • Margin of safety
  • Consistent perf. over last 10 years
  • High sales growth
  • Investing for growth
  • Improving ROE and ROCE
  • High Moat and capacity expansion
  • Headwinds due to external factors/ rising debt.
  • Expected to tide over the same.
  • Moat in upcoming technologies/ products/ services
  • High promoter holding
  • Strong fundamental growth
High dividend paying companies
Low Risk - - - -
Medium Risk   - -
High Risk - - - -
Return expected 15-25% 30 -40% 25-35% 40% 60%+ 40%+ 18-25%
Investment Horizon 1 yr 1 yr 1 yr 2 yrs 3 yrs 2 yrs 1.5 yrs
Recommendations in a year 12 12 12 12 12 12 12
Quarterly Results Updates
SMS and Email Alerts
Sector Diversification
Dividend paying history   - - -
Good Liquidity - -
Business Scalability - - -
Website Dashboard
Mobile App
Annual Subscription Price Rs 10,700 Rs 14,000 Rs 12,000 Rs 18,000 Rs 16,500 Rs 15,800 Rs 9,450
Avg. Annualized past performance 34% 137% 32% 140% 161% 125% 147%
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