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Pearl Pick

As per Tim Melvin – "Warren Buffett once said that if you are not willing to own a stock if the exchange shuts down for five years after purchase, then you should not buy the stock. When I buy a stock I am looking for five years or longer. I have no need to be able to get out at any instant. I expect to sell it the same way I bought it, slowly and carefully." "I find that buying less liquid stocks makes me more focused on the initial analysis as well. If I can't get out immediately, I want to make sure I am right about the value of what I own." Equity market is a sea of opportunities. Opportunities exist in the form of common fishes, exotic fishes and pearls. Pearls are rare, less in quantity but value of the same is much higher than the normal catch.

DSIJ, with its 32 years of research strength, brings to investors its product "Pearl Pick" which aims to thoroughly screen the low float stocks and pick ones which have demonstrated consistent financial performance and management rigour. The product is suitable for high risk, high return investors. Low float stocks are highly volatile and investors need to have a high risk appetite. As per our research, low float stocks demonstrate volatility; however, holding the stocks for the long term can reap manifold benefits and with improved financial performance, investors can also benefit from the liquidity premium enjoyed by the stock compared to its liquid peers.

Key Features

  • bullet Every month a recommendation will be provided for the product in the third week of the month.

  • bulletA one pager report will provide the reasons for picking the stock and about the company which will be available for viewing on the dashboard.

  • bullet Investors will be provided service recommendation SMS and partial profit booking/averaging SMS.

  • bullet The holding period for the recommended stock will be up to 2 years.

  • bullet Quarterly results highlights and our view on the same will be shared with the investors.

  • bullet Get Recommendations on your mobile through App   Google Play   iTunes

Sample Recommendations

You will receive our stock recommendation in the following format-
 Pearl Pick -BUY [Stock] [BSE code] [recommended price]

Service: - All recommendation will be sent on real time basis Via SMS. A report on the stock will be sent to you via E-mail which details out the reasons for the pick.
Now you get recommendations on your Mobile through our DSIJ Investor app.


  • bullet Investors can benefit from the liquidity premium enjoyed by the stock

  • bullet Update through SMS can help investors book partial profit/get correct entry point.

  • bullet Slim chance of stock prices being trader manipulated due to low liquidity.

  • bullet Best suited for investors with high risk and long term investment horizon.

  • bullet Investors can expect 20% of the recommendations to provide manifold returns.

  • bullet Chances of bonus or split by management to enhance liquidity of the stock to benefit investors

Risk level: A high risk and high return product with stocks having low liquidity and high beta.


  • bullet Investors may not be able to enter and exit at the levels recommended by DSIJ.

  • bulletDue to low liquidity, during results season, the stock prices might move drastically.

  • bullet Any rumour might lead to erratic price movements.

  • bullet Investors might not be able to buy the required quantity at one go.

Call Tracker
( Only closed recommendation are listed here. Open recommendations are available only in subscriber's login. )

Company NameReco DateReco PriceExit PriceExit Date% Return
Safari Industries (India) Ltd. 15/03/2018532.20747.9512/07/2018 40.54%
Confidence Petroleum India Ltd. 20/12/201731.8547.2008/05/2018 48.19%

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The recommendations are purely a view point and there is no guarantee on the returns. Hence all the clients (paid or unpaid) are requested to apply their prudence before acting on any of the recommendations. Neither DSIJ Pvt Ltd nor any of its promoters, members, or employees shall be held responsible for any losses incurred (if any) by acting on the recommendations.