Dalal Street Investment Journal’s Derivatives Book is an essential learning guide for investors who wish to make money through equity derivatives. This book on derivatives is purely inspired by the overwhelming success

of our other publication, the 'Stock Market Book'. This book provides a balanced, integrated explanation of theory and practice in  Indian derivative markets. It offers a theoretical approach of new modeling and hedging concept first, and then explains in depth practical application. The book covers the newest and fastest-growing class of derivative instruments, fund derivatives; cutting-edge developments in equity derivative modeling; new developments in correlation modeling and understanding volatility skews.




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Product Highlights

  • Introduction of derivatives

  • How the Market Operates

  • Various Instruments available for Investors

  • Overview of investors income/loss account

  • How to make money from Derivatives

  • Derivatives : Futures & Options

  • Hedging & Speculation Strategies

  • Risk Management

  • Interesting Tips, Various Case Studies and Quotes from leading stock market players to make the Derivative Book more interesting to read.

Niyaz Ahamad
Niyaz Ahamad

I want to state unambiguously that I like your publications and service to the fullest, right from its on-time delivery to its flashing, awesome and most of all, in-depth researched reports that keeps me informed of all the "HALCHAL" in the market."

Prasant Rai
Prasant Rai

DSIJ Magazine provides excellent fundamental & technical recommendations for investing & trading in equity. Good cover story which helps to remain updated with market.

Jayesh Gajjar,
Jayesh Gajjar,

"I am regular reader of Dalal street magazine & it is very useful for searching valuable & fundamentally good companies & getting best knowledge for share trading"

S. Ramachandran
S. Ramachandran

Being a subscriber for last 5 years, I have found useful articles and recommendations in almost every issue from the beginning. Your history of research and quality of content has compelled me to renew my subscription for 5 more years."

Vince Mcman
Vince Mcman

I am reading DSIJ for last 4-5 yrs & I like all sections, but hot chips, low priced scrip are my favorites. Portfolio guide, technical and Databank are also outstanding. I can say that it is a must for novice and professional investors. Keep it up DSIJ."

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