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POP BTST - Stock Tips for Tomorrow

Pop BTST is a cash service that is especially tailored on the unique concept of “Buy Today Sell Tomorrow” for traders and investors that desire investing less time and less effort in the stock market and aim at reaping great benefit on the next day opening in the cash segment. In this product under favourable market conditions you’ll get one recommendation daily in cash segment around 1:30 PM -3:15 PM. Holding a position overnight is quite risky under volatile circumstances but our exceptionally skilled and experienced research team gives recommendations after in depth research on the stock.

Pop BTST recommendation will be provided during the market hours around 1:30 PM- 3:15 PM in fundamentally sound and liquid stocks with favourable risk reward ratio depending upon market conditions.

We at DSIJ will help to make intraday trading in equity easier for you. Whether you are a seasoned trader or a newbie in trading, you can do intraday trading independently and maximize your wealth with the help of our timely and robust advice.

Key Features

Frequency of Recommendations: - "Monthly 15-20 recommendation. Maximum one open position at a time."

Target: -Each recommendation will have 1 price target with a precise stop loss

Types of stocks recommended: - Recommendations will be made in highly liquid (large volumes) stocks based on chart formations, technical analysis & volume analysis with accuracy rate of over 80%.

Recommendation medium: - All recommendations will be sent after 2 PM via SMS (Please make it sure to be in network range).

Recommendations can be tracked using DSIJ Notifier (Mobile application for Android users) and through DSIJ live messenger by logging in to your account on

Service: - All recommendations will be sent on a real time basis via one of the below mentioned mode of delivery
Now you get recommendations on your Mobile through our DSIJ Trader app.

  • 1. SMS (Please make it sure to be in network range).

  • 2. DSIJ live messenger (log in to your account on

  • 3. DSIJ Android App (Mobile application for Android users)

Risk Level:  A high risk cash segment product for investors/traders looking for 1-2 days of holding period. Risk of gap down due to uncertain events is associated with this product.

Updates: - We will send you instant updates (via SMS, DSIJ live messenger & DSIJ Notifier) whenever:

  • bullet The buy price is triggered

  • bullet The recommendation makes profit

  • bullet The recommendation touches new highs

  • bullet The recommendation hits the Stop loss

  • bullet The recommendation is discarded

  • bullet Get Recommendations on your mobile through App   Google Play   iTunes

You will also receive summary notes on recommendations at the beginning (morning – before 9:30 am) and end (evening – before 4 pm) of each trading day.

Sample Call - You will receive recommendation in the following format – 

POP BTST : BUY KALINDRA 98-99 TGT 105-107 SL 95 (CMP: 99). UP Move expected within next 2 days

POP BTST : Book Profit in KALINDRA hits TGT CMP 105, Recommended Buy at 98-99.

POP BTST : Exit KALINDRA at 95 as stop loss triggered, Recommended Buy at 98-99.

POP BTST : Summary: Markets ended negative

POP BTST : KALINDRA gave Handsome Returns (1.5%).

Call Tracker
( Only closed recommendation are listed here. Open recommendations are available only in subscriber's login. )

Pop BTST Performance for the month of Jul-2019

Assuming Rs 1,00,000 is invested in a recommended scrip. Click on Previous link below to view performance of the previous month.

 DayRecommendation DateGain/Loss
Wednesday17/07/2019 -254.61
Tuesday16/07/2019 2173.91
Friday12/07/2019 -207.47
Thursday11/07/2019 1079.47
Tuesday09/07/2019 1790.12
Thursday04/07/2019 1013.58
Wednesday03/07/2019 1489.69
Tuesday02/07/2019 1377.41
Monday01/07/2019 575.15
  Total: 9037.25

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To Know More

The recommendations are purely a view point and there is no guarantee on the returns. Hence all the clients (paid or unpaid) are requested to apply their prudence before acting on any of the recommendations. Neither DSIJ Pvt Ltd nor any of its promoters, members, or employees shall be held responsible for any losses incurred (if any) by acting on the recommendations.