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Jul 16, 2019

Corporate India

Margin Sensitivity Of BSE 500 Corporates To Forex Fluctuations Has Shown A Rising Trend

Margin Sensitivity Of BSE 500 Corporates To Forex Fluctuations Has Shown A Rising Trend

05/15/2014 6:31 PM | Thursday | By Shashikant Singh

According to a report by India Rating & Research, margin sensitivity of BSE 500 corporates (excluding banking and financial services) to foreign exchange fluctuations has shown a rising trend since FY07-FY13. This may be attributed to the rising level of dollarisation of the income statements and balance sheets of Indian corporates since 2007

New Banking Licenses - Why Are Applicants Opting Out?

New Banking Licenses - Why Are Applicants Opting Out?

11/29/2013 3:35 PM | Friday | By Prasanna Bidkar

The proposal, which had elicited good levels of interest from many NBFC and corporate players, is seeing a surprising reversal from some key applicants. Are the RBI's intentions of inclusive growth tripping up the aspiring banks' business interests?

Energy For The Growth Engine

06/27/2013 9:00 PM | Thursday |

Resource nationalism seems to be a global trend, and Indian companies would do well to catch on. Oil & gas holds potential as a key sector for our rising energy needs and can also lend momentum to the economy. How does this augur for the sector and a few specific stocks within it? DSIJ tells you more

Top Five Companies With Consistent Operating Profit Growth

Top Five Companies With Consistent Operating Profit Growth

09/07/2012 6:45 PM | Friday | By DSIJ Team
The operating profit is a reflection of the true performance of a company as it indicates how much a company is earning from its business before paying its stakeholders. Here are five companies that have been showing consistent growth in their operating profit margins in the last five years on a standalone basis.

IPOs: Need Vs Greed

09/06/2012 9:00 PM | Thursday |
The benefi ts of a company going public are well known, and can be reaped amply by both companies and retail investors. However, when promoters overstep the company’s needs to use the proceeds from IPOs for purposes other than the stated ones, investors are the ones who end up paying heavily, Shashikant explains.

Suzlon Energy – Falling Volumes And Declining Prices

09/05/2012 5:45 PM | Wednesday | By Shrikant Akolkar
Shares of Suzlon are currenlty trading in the all time low range. It is a good example of the massive erosion of the shareholder's wealth. Again this year the volumes have picked up but there is no fundamental support in the counter.

Top Five Profit Making Companies In June 2012 Quarter

08/31/2012 6:45 PM | Friday |

Our previous slide-show was on those companies that posted profits in the June 2012 quarter after registering losses in the June 2011 quarter. We had considered only those companies with net profits of more than Rs 25 crore. This week we consider those companies that have posted profits of less than Rs 25 crore but more than Rs 15 crore.

Top Five Turnaround Companies As Per June 2012 Quarter Results

08/24/2012 7:00 PM | Friday |
This week we bring you a slide-show based on June quarter results. Some companies have posted good business growth during the June quarter and hence are termed as ‘Turnaround’ companies. Our list comprises those top five turnaround companies that posted loss last quarter and have posted profit of more than Rs 25 crore this quarter.

Reliance Industries: Will It Lead The Market Again?

08/23/2012 9:00 PM | Thursday |
A sudden spurt in the share price of Reliance Industries and its ongoing buyback of shares has put the stock on the investors’ radar yet again. Is this the right time to buy into RIL? Is the rise in price of the stock sustainable? Not really, says Shashikant.

Stepping On The Gas

08/23/2012 9:00 PM | Thursday |
Indian PSU companies are going from strength to strength, signing new deals and capitalising on fresh resources.
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