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Jun 19, 2019

Corporate India

New Markets Present IT with Optimism in the Long Run

06/27/2012 2:12 PM | Wednesday | By Sagar Lele
Once Indian IT companies overcome the short term challenges they face, they have a long way ahead to look at in terms of growth and opportunity. New emerging markets present these firms with room for growth as demand from existing markets looks slow. 

What Can Infosys Do With Its USD 4 Billion Cash Reserves?

06/25/2012 3:57 PM | Monday | By Sagar Lele
Infosys has been seen underperforming as compared to its peers. At the same time, it is sitting on a cash reserve of USD 4 billion. Can it use this money to improve its standing in the highly competitive industry?

Top Ten IPO Wealth Creators

06/22/2012 7:00 PM | Friday | By DSIJ Team

In a scenario wherein most of the initial public offerings (IPOs) have failed to perform on the bourses, there are certain IPOs that have created good amount of wealth for the investors. This time DSIJ has put together a list of the top ten IPOs that have provided good returns to the investors in the last one year.

Top 10 IPO Wealth Destructors

06/15/2012 8:00 PM | Friday | By DSIJ Team
Most of the companies who have tapped the market to raise funds through the initial public offering (IPO) route in the last one year have faced serious headwinds. DSIJ has put together a list of the top 10 IPO losers in the last one year that can aptly be titled as ‘Top 10 IPO Wealth Destructors’.

Basel III - What It Spells For Indian Banks

06/14/2012 9:00 PM | Thursday |
The RBI has recently come up with its guidelines on the implementation of the Basel III capital regulations in India. What do these norms mean for the Indian banking sector, and how will the individual banks be impacted?

Top Ten Companies In Terms Of Employee Cost

06/08/2012 6:02 PM | Friday | By DSIJ Team
For every company, the employee is an important contributor because it’s manpower that actually drives the growth. In the services industry human capital is an integral part of this growth curve.

Top Ten Companies With Highest Foreign Promoter Holding

06/01/2012 9:00 PM | Friday | By DSIJ Team
Companies with higher foreign promoter holding have always been favoured by the investors’ fraternity. Here we provide a list of the top ten companies, in reverse order, with high amount of foreign promoters’ holding.

Top Ten Exporters Of India

05/25/2012 9:00 PM | Friday | By DSIJ Team

The tumbling rupee has negatively affected the already weakened Indian economy. Certain companies are major exporters and hence are benefited when the rupee depreciates. Here we provide a list of the top ten leading exporters of India.

Top Ten Companies By Net Sales

05/18/2012 8:00 PM | Friday |
Sales is an important parameter while analysing a company. Growth in sales indicates better growth prospects of the company. Rather, the size of the company is gauged by the sales of the company. Here, we have provided a list of the top ten companies in India in terms of sales.

Mid-Cap A Feature On Blue Chips In the Making

05/17/2012 9:00 PM | Thursday |
For an investor looking for a multi bagger idea to invest in, mid cap stocks provide the correct opportunity. It has always been observed that good mid cap companies provide the best opportunity for capital appreciation.
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