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Jun 18, 2019

Corporate India

Invest in PSUs

01/13/2012 12:49 PM | Friday |
With strong government backing, ambitious capex plans and growing order books, PSUs are looking to be good investment options.

Oil & Gas Q3FY12 - Estimates & analysis

01/06/2012 10:18 AM | Friday | By Prabhat Anantharaman

The Q3 earnings season for oil & gas sector is more or less expected to be in line with that seen in the previous 2 quarters, if not worse. Expect another good quarter by upstream majors, though OMCs will continue to face the heat and report losses.

PSUs: Marching ahead of challenges

01/02/2012 4:43 PM | Monday |
Notwithstanding rising interest rates and obdurate inflation taking a toll on India's projected economic growth, which has created a fresh challenge, Indian PSUs are looking optimistic that the growth rate will not go down substantially.

SEBI penalises companies, merchant bankers on IPO norm violations

12/29/2011 5:18 PM | Thursday | By Vidrum Mehta
The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has banned 7 companies and 3 merchant bankers after they were found violating IPO norms. The SEBI investigated some IPOs after it received information of irregularities from various sources.

Q3 advance tax collection update - payments rise to 5.2% YoY

12/20/2011 1:49 PM | Tuesday | By Prabhat Anantharaman
We, at DSIJ, have compiled a list of 60 companies which have declared their Q3 FY12 advance tax numbers. The list suggests that advance tax payment for these companies have marginally risen by 5.2% on a YoY basis.

MMDR Bill and its implications

12/19/2011 5:13 PM | Monday | By Chandrakant Shukla
Iron ore mining companies' problems due to illegal mining issues don't seem to have ended yet. With the imposition of the ban first in Karnataka and then in Goa, it is now Odisha that is facing similar allegations.

Audit firms need to be on their toes

12/19/2011 4:36 PM | Monday | By Vidrum Mehta
Audit firms now will have to be more accurate and work efficiently, as they would be charged as guilty in case of any fraud or manipulation in the financial statements of companies they audit.

Slowdown hits Q3 advance tax collections

12/16/2011 11:50 AM | Friday | By Prabhat Anantharaman

The advance tax collection from India Inc. for the 3rd quarter were more or less flat, suggesting that the slowdown is impacting the companies' bottomline.

Do we need an SME Exchange?

12/07/2011 11:08 AM | Wednesday |
The contribution of Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the development of Indian economy has been significant, both in terms of contribution to GDP and creation of employment opportunities. With the Indian economy growing at a decent pace, the need of SMEs to raise capital is becoming increasingly critical, says Sunil Damania

Special Economic Zones: Model Ventures?

12/05/2011 5:32 PM | Monday |
The SEZ policy initiative has been touted as a means to facilitate manufacturing and thus promote trade. To this end, the SEZs around the country have received extensive support from the government. But have these units justified the investment in them?
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