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Transferring credit card balance

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If you have more than one credit card, you can transfer the balance amount outstanding on one credit card to another credit card. You may be required to exercise this option when you are faced with a financial emergency and are unable to pay up your credit card bill.

Diversifying MF investments

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There are different types of mutual fund schemes available in the market and many investors are at a loss to decide which MF scheme to buy from the plethora of schemes. The difference in MF schemes primarily relates to their objectives and levels of risks involved in the underlying asset classes in which these schemes invest.

Direct or Regular MF plan: Which one to buy?

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Mutual fund schemes come in two options: Direct and Regular. A retail investor may not know the difference between the two and hence may end up choosing the Regular plan, which will give the investor lower returns. The reason for the difference in returns between the two options is simple: Regular plan pays commission to the intermediary who has sold the scheme to the investor.

Buying the right travel credit card

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Travel credit cards are becoming popular among business people and professionals who have to frequently travel by air. The growing popularity of travel credit cards is due to the advantage of accumulating air miles which can be redeemed for discounts and other privileges.

Add-ons in motor insurance: Which ones to opt for?

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If you have bought only third party (TP) motor insurance and not a comprehensive motor insurance policy, then you need to seriously consider buying add-on covers to protect yourself and your vehicle from damages caused in an accident. TP insurance offers protection against liabilities arising out of damage caused by you to the life and property of the other party involved in the accident.

Telecom sector stocks zoom with RCom

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Telecom stocks zoomed on Friday after the elder brother Mukesh Ambani cued buying of Anil Ambani’s Reliance Communication assets under its new but popular Reliance Jio brand. Jio inked definitive agreement to buy out RCom assets which would help RCom repay debts which currently stands at around Rs. 49,000 crore.

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