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Jun 17, 2019

Health Insurance Plan

17 October 2013

Claiming Reimbursements For Health Insurance

If you do not have cashless cover for hospitalisation and medical procedures, you will need to submit your claim separately to get reimbursed for your expenses. There is no such thing as too much documentation to ensure a smooth claim reimbursement process, says Jay Sampat

27 June 2013

Insurance Needs Of Financially Independent Women

In the changing socio-economic scenario, women need to take control of their financial lives as much as men do. Being adequately insured is a step in this direction, says Jay Sampat

10 January 2013

Insurance Resolutions For 2013

Take note of these insurance must-dos and be mindful of them in this new year, says Jay Sampat.

13 December 2012

Getting To The Bottom Of Top-Up Plans

Top-up health plans provide policyholders a good option to benefit from medical cover over and above your regular reimbursement plan, subject to a certain limit, says Jay Sampat.

29 November 2012

Is High-Value Health Insurance A Value Proposition?

When medical emergencies knock at your door, the cost of treatment can prove to be quite overwhelming, even if you are covered by insurance. It may be a good idea to consider raising your health insurance cover, provided you can bear the higher premium burden, says Jay Sampat.

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