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Rs. 10673.56
(In the Month of June *)

For Overnight Profits
POP Stock

Rs. 12003.57
(In the Month of June *)

Intraday Stock Tips
POP Futures

Rs. 15910.00
(In the Month of June #)

Calls on Stock Futures
POP Options

Rs. 20425.00
(In the Month of June#)

Stocks & Index Options Calls
* Assuming Rs 1,00,000 is invested in a recommended scrip.
# Assuming minimum 1 lot has been traded in each recommendation.

About DSIJ

Dalal Street Investment Journal (DSIJ), India’s No 1 equity research and capital investment magazine is published every fortnight to cater to the needs of its reader-investors.

Born in 1986, years before National Stock Exchange and market watchdog SEBI were established, DSIJ has always been the favourite among the reader-investors community across the length and breadth of the country.

Past Performance


Pop BTST Performance for the month of Jul-2019

Assuming Rs 1,00,000 is invested in a recommended scrip. Click on Previous link below to view performance of the previous month.

 DayRecommendation DateGain/Loss
Monday22/07/2019 1501.15
Wednesday17/07/2019 -254.61
Tuesday16/07/2019 2173.91
Friday12/07/2019 -207.47
Thursday11/07/2019 1079.47
Tuesday09/07/2019 1790.12
Thursday04/07/2019 1013.58
Wednesday03/07/2019 1489.69
Tuesday02/07/2019 1377.41
Monday01/07/2019 575.15
  Total: 10538.40

Comparison of Trader Products

Pop BTST Pop Stock Pop Futures Pop Options
Nature of Product
Nature of Product Buy Today and Sell Tomorrow benefitting of gap-up opening in the next trading session. Highly liquid stocks from NSE listed companies in equity cash segment for intraday Calls from Derivative Segment for intraday Calls from Derivative segment for intraday
  Risk Level
Risk Level High Risk High Risk High Risk High Risk
  Return expected
Return expected 1-2% 0.75-1.50% Rs 2000-5000 (Per Lot) Rs 1500-3500 (Per Lot)
  Holding period
Holding period 1-2 days Intraday Intraday Intraday
  Recommendations in a month
Recommendations in a month 15-20 1-2/day* 1-2/day* 1-2/day*

Note: * Number of recommendation depending upon market conditions.


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  • Call summary – Pre-opening market & end of the day profit & loss summary
  • Parameters- Breakouts on daily & intraday charts, Intraday volumes & oscillator movement

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