Penny Pick

The DSIJ "Penny Pick" service is tailored to bring you stock recommendations from companies whose share prices are below Rs 100 and have a market capitalization above Rs 100 crore. ...

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1 Year


Very High

Risk Level

Awesome Product Highlights

Client shall receive one recommendation per month over a period of one year

The holding period for each recommended stock is between 2-3 years

Clear entry and exit points given for maximizing recommendations' effectiveness and benefits

Penny Pick recommends stocks under Rs 100, high-risk but 50-80% potential upside

Clients will receive quarterly reviews of recommendations for valuable insights and improvement assessment

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You will be getting 12 recommendations over a period of one year with clear entry and exit points.

We deliver recommendations via email, notifications on our Investor app, and our website dashboard. You receive guidance throughout the recommended period.

We always remain committed to providing the best profitable recommendations to our clients. Accuracy is subject to the volatility of the market, but we are known for our top-notch accuracy.

We will notify you through Mobile App notifications and Email when to exit or book profit for a particular stock. Additionally, you can view updates on the website dashboard.

Yes, you will receive quarterly result updates for the recommended stocks on the website dashboard.

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