Top Gainers

Top Gainers shows the list of stocks that have gained the most (% terms) compared to their last closing prices. Top gainers today list the stocks that have gained the most compared to their closing prices in an intraday market. At a single glance, view top gainers today along with their past performance.

*Please note that the gainers are arranged in the list in a descending order.

If they are a part of indices, the market indices shoot up. Conversely, when the market indices are moving upwards, the possibility of more number of top gainers increases.

DSIJ publishes the list of top stock gainers today and updates them real-time. They are expressed in absolute as well as percentage terms.

Top gainers in stock market must be analysed collectively rather than singularly. Only taking into account a day’s worth of price change is not a good investing factor but a large emphasis on the fundamentals, micro and macro-economic factors is equally essential. 

Filter them based on duration such as today, weekly and monthly to view the top gainers for the selected period. Click on the stock symbol to get detailed company details. Choose the report, group to customize the list.

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