Align your investment goals with your bucket list

Align your investment goals with your bucket list

Gayathri Udyawar
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It's easy and natural to be carried away by shop promotions and these days more by round the clock ad campaigns of e-commerce sites. But every dime set aside and invested is any day better than any stuff bought at 75 per cent discount.


The mantra to happiness is to prioritize investment ahead of spending so that you can budget your aspirations adequately. As you list your aspirations, your future goals on your bucket list, set aside equated instalments of your income to support these goals. Whatever is your goal, be it that European holiday or buying an expensive sports car, holiday home or holding one per cent stake in your favourite stock, allocating funds regularly will get you there sooner. 

Mutual funds, SIP or equity investments through Demat accounts are high return mode of investment while fixed deposits, Gold ETF are stable investments that you can help balance your investment portfolio. Company FD and Initial Public Offerings (IPO) are also preferred a mode of investment to beat inflation and secure good returns.


Whatever may be your choice of investment, start them early and stick to them so that you can easily check out items off your bucket list and have enough to indulge in while you enjoy your lifestyle.



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