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India's No. 1 Stock Market Investment Magazine for Investors, delivering insights Fortnightly

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Dalal Street Investment Journal

38+ years in equity research and stock market investment.

Dalal Street Investment Journal (DSIJ), India’s no. 1 equity research and stock market investment magazine, is being published every fortnight to cater to the needs of its growing family of reader-investors. In its exciting journey of over three-and-half decades, DSIJ has transformed into a smart investment magazine to meet the diverse needs of its reader-investors who come from all age-groups—from Gen Z to the grey-haired generation. No wonder, DSIJ today is a smart investment magazine that meets all the investment needs of smart investors.


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Why This Product?

Embark on a journey to unearth exceptional opportunities and reap multifold returns with DSIJ Magazine. Your path to extraordinary gains starts here.

Investment Picks

Our recommendations include stock picks tailored for both short-term gains and long-term growth, selected using fundamental or technical analysis or both. Additionally, we provide mutual fund recommendations tailored for long-term investors.

In-depth Analysis

Our insightful stories are backed by thorough research, providing a comprehensive understanding of the latest developments in the stock market and mutual fund industry. These analyses aid in deciphering the current market landscape.

Sectoral Insights

Our special reports delve deeply into specific sectors and industries, offering investors a holistic perspective. These reports provide detailed insights into various sectors, empowering investors with a broader understanding of industry dynamics.

What’s Included with DSIJ Subscription

Unlock the full potential of your investments with our in-depth analysis and personalized guidance.

  • Profit Maximization with Book Profit Alerts

    Maximize returns on your investments with our profit-tracking service. Receive alerts via mobile app notifications and email alerts for opportune profit booking moments.

  • In-depth Market Insights

    Access comprehensive analysis and expert commentary on the latest market trends to make informed decisions.

  • Curated Stock Recommendations:

    Receive carefully curated stock picks from our seasoned analysts, tailored to optimize your investment portfolio.

  • Sectoral Reports for Informed Decisions

    Stay informed with detailed reports on various sectors, offering comprehensive industry insights to guide your investment strategies.

  • Exclusive Features and Interviews

    Gain access to exclusive features and interviews designed to enhance your understanding of the market and investment strategies.

  • Recommendations Notification

    Stay updated with recommendations notifications on our mobile app. Download the app from  Play Store     App Store to receive timely notifications.

Subscribe today and embark on a journey of financial empowerment with DSIJ Magazine!

Performance Tracker

CompanyColumnReco DateOReco PrExit PriceExit Date% Return
Paramount Communications Ltd. Low PriceNov 29, 2023B65.7092.16Dec 22, 202340.27
Engineers India Ltd. Low PriceNov 15, 2023B147.05216.65Jan 11, 202447.33
Zomato Ltd. Low PriceNov 01, 2023B103.70149.45Feb 09, 202444.12
Ashoka Buildcon Ltd. Low PriceOct 18, 2023B139.90207.55Jun 07, 202448.36
Haldyn Glass Ltd. Low PriceOct 04, 2023B117.15170.65Feb 07, 202445.67
Man InfraConstruction Ltd. Low PriceSep 20, 2023B144.10200.90Dec 01, 202339.42
NBCC (India) Ltd. Low PriceSep 06, 2023B59.7788.00Jan 03, 202447.23
Transformers & Rectifiers (India) Ltd. Low PriceAug 09, 2023B103.71155.45Sep 11, 202349.89
Gujarat Pipavav Port Ltd. Low PriceJul 26, 2023B120.50168.40Jan 29, 202439.75
Oriental Hotels Ltd. Low PriceJun 28, 2023B89.82125.65Dec 08, 202339.89
DSIJ Magazine Includes

Recommendation Sections

  • Hot Chips : This section gives you some of the momentum stocks which are in buzz for past few days and are expected to give quick returns in a 15-day horizon.
  • Choice Scrip : This column gives you scrip chosen by the research team during the fortnight that is fundamentally strong and expected to give good capital appreciation over a time period of 1 year.
  • Low Price Scrip : This section gives a recommendation of a stock having stock price below Rs 150 with sound fundamentals and expected to give handsome returns over a one-year time horizon.
  • Analysis : This section covers a stock which has been in buzz for the past couple of months. Our research team gives you a complete insight of the company along with guidance on the investment decision to be taken at the current juncture.
  • Technicals : A fortnightly view on Nifty 50 and two investment ideas on the basis of intensive technical analysis in a 15-day horizon.
  • Kerbside : These stock recommendations are predominantly momentum based stocks and based on Word of Mouth. They are more based on hearsay and comprised of stock recommendations provided by brokers, analysts and dealers (not affiliated to DSIJ).
  • Databank : This is a super house of financial data on 3500 corporates with up to date information. In the Magazine version the top 1100 -1400 companies are covered while the data on the entire 3500 companies is available in excel format for subscribers to download.
  • Query Board : Subscribers can ask their queries regarding stocks they hold and get our expert guidance.

DSIJ Magazine Includes

Mutual fund Sections

  • Cover Story : This will cover important concurrent subjects on the mutual fund industry with detailed research, which will help readers form opinions on the matter. The story will also help them take appropriate financial decisions based on our research.
  • MF Data Bank : Databank of top-ranked equity funds based on DSIJ's proprietary research methodology.
  • MF Select : This is our mutual fund recommendation. Every fortnight, we recommend one open-ended equity diversified fund that has the best potential of returns for the next one year considering its constituents remain the same.
  • Interviews : Industry stalwarts share their expert view on various matters concerning the mutual fund industry, the recent development and the market.
  • MF Query Board : This section gives decisive investment rationales to our subscribers on the MF queries they have raised to our research team.
  • Special Report : This section will cover the stories about recent events and things impacting the mutual fund industry.
  • Financial Planning : This section describes how to achieve the financial goals in a SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound) way.
  • Expert Speak : An expert using his years of experience to give you advice that he believes is relevant for your financial wellbeing.

DSIJ Journey so far...

Since 1986, Dalal Street Investment Magazine has been a leader in Indian financial journalism. Offering expert analyses, it guides investors through economic fluctuations, both domestic and global. Reflecting India's economic evolution, it serves as a trusted compass for new and seasoned market players alike.

  • Formative Years (1986-1996): Transformation

    As India embraced liberalization, DSIJ documented the shift, preparing readers for new opportunities.

  • Technological & Economic Shifts (1996-2006): Embracing Change

    Through market booms and policy shifts, DSIJ provided critical insights, celebrating two decades in 2006.

  • Navigating Global Turbulence (2006-2016): Stability Amid Crisis

    During crises like the Global Financial Crisis and regime changes, DSIJ remained a trusted guide.

  • Digital Transformation & Pandemics (2016-2024): Adapting & Advancing

    Facing digital revolutions and global pandemics, DSIJ evolved its coverage, celebrating milestones and looking forward.

Conclusion: Your Trusted Companion

From liberalization to digital revolutions, DSIJ has been a companion in investors' journeys.

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What People say to US

This is feedback from our customers

Anindya Ghoshal
Anindya Ghoshal-

DSIJ Magazine has helped me a lot in understanding the movement of stock market and the economy. I have clarified my analysis with the recommendations and analysis from DSIJ, and I received great insights. I think it's really worthwhile to have its subscription.

Suman Kumar Dutta
Suman Kumar Dutta-

"Being a stock market trainer and trader, I have followed DSIJ for many years. I recommend DSIJ to my students also because I feel they do extensive research on Indian companies and explain that to the readers in the simplest of languages. Earlier I used to purchase the magazine from the local newspaper vendor and this time I took their 3 years subscription to have the price advantage."

Suravi Nayak
Suravi Nayak-Bhubaneswar Orrisa

I am thankful to your endeavor to keep us informed even in most difficult times. Your sincerity can not be doubted.
As far as I am concerned, let me tell you that DSIJ magazine played a pivotal role in my stock picking since last twelve years. It is quite difficult to do it without DSIJ.

Jayashree Oak
Jayashree Oak-

"As being a subscriber of DSIJ Magazine the Journal has helped me to understand the movement of the stock market and the economy along with the various companies' background through the presented research analytical data.The recommendation given in the journal are very helpful for short term gains.Being user of the Journal has made me feel worthy and satisfied with the subscription"

Dr. Jesney Antony
Dr. Jesney Antony -

I am really glad to inform you that DSIJ helped a lot to complete my Ph.D work successfully and fruitfully. Area of my research work - Stock Market. I am your subscriber for past 5 years. This journal is very informative especially for those who are from commerce background.

11 October 2021

Preksha Dassani
Preksha Dassani -

It is a delight to read the way the information is presented. It is well supported with facts and crisp. Since I'm a new investor in the market, my objective to subscribe to DSIJ magazine was to understand the markets from a practical perspective. I applied the tips suggested and it helped for a short term gain. Thank you for enhancing my knowledge and I'm sure in the long run I'll be able to fetch better and bigger returns.

Rama Krishna
Rama Krishna-

DSIJ is always excellent. Not only giving calls but also the follow ups like Book Profit, Stop loss etc. Hat's off DSIJ. Just go and get one DSIJ magazine and now online addition and simply buy the calls that's all. No need to panic about results. Just book profits. Long live DSIJ.

Jaswant Singh Malhotra
Jaswant Singh Malhotra-

I am a regular buyer of DSIJ magazine since its inception in 1987 and now I'm subscribing for DSIJ E-magazine for the last 2 years. Congratulations to entire DSIJ team for excellent efforts in keeping the flag flying.

Everything you need to redefine your investing experience

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  • Subscribers get to enjoy the old issues in our Archive section.
  • Time is money in the stock market. If you are a subscriber, you get the valuable recommendations on Wednesday itself and can utilize them when markets open on Thursday. The earliest the print copies reach the stands is Saturday.
  • More importantly other than being informed of the recommendation’s the subscribers are also intimated promptly when they need to exit or square off a position. These are sent as notifications on DSIJ mobile APP.
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  • In addition, subscribers get invites to webinars/conferences and also are informed of any offers running.

There is no difference in content. The only difference in both the subscription is that in the Print subscription you get a print copy delivered to your doorstep in addition to getting the online subscription as well.

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