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‘One DSIJ point is equal to one rupee that can be utilized while purchasing products’
Login Reward
Every day 10 DSIJ Points
50 DSIJ Points
100 DSIJ points
250 DSIJ Points
Top Leader of the Quarter
- Half Page Coverage in DSIJ Magazine
- Social Media Coverage
- Shareable DSIJ certificate
- 1 Year DSIJ Magazine Subscription
- Scrolling on Game page

Terms and Conditions for Prizes

  1. All players should ensure that their current contact and mailing address is updated on our site since the same will be used to dispatch the prizes. 
  2. One dsij point is equal to one rupee to be utilized while purchasing DSIJ product
  3. Prize delivery depends on the type of the prize
  4. DSIJ points can be redeemed to purchase any DSIJ’s Products only
  5. To redeem your DSIJ Points against purchase of any DSIJ Product, Please mail us at
  6. The prizes are non–transferable and cannot be encashed or combined with any other offer from DSIJ.
  7. The images of the prizes are for representational purposes only and the final prize may not look like the images shown above.
  8. DSIJ will not be liable for the quality of the product.
  9. Any issues regarding the gift will have to be taken up directly with the manufacturer.
  10. DSIJ will not be held responsible for any damage or loss to the gift in transportation.
  11. The winner must have a legitimate local address within the country or he/she will be deemed ineligible to claim any prize.
  12. Prizes will only be delivered to select cities (reachable by mainline national couriers) within India.
  13. DSIJ reserves the right to change the prize at any point of the time at its sole discretion.
  14. Prizes will not be given again to a winner in case the person has already claimed the prize for the said period.
  15. Employees of DSIJ Ltd and BSE Ltd will not be entitled to prizes in this contest.
  16. Terms and conditions are subject to change from time to time. 
  17. The user account will be blocked if he or she is found using abusive language on the Chitchat section and will also lose all the privileges in the game.
  18. DSIJ points are valid till Next Month of Every Calender Quarter.
  19. DSIJ points can be redeemed up to 50% of price of DSIJ Books.