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PSU (India's top PSU companies)

Public Sector Stock

True Wealth of India

DSIJ's PSU is a comprehensive resource on India's top PSU companies.

The up-to-date information includes the latest developments in each of the top PSU companies with a financial snapshot of the last 5 years, in-depth interviews with leaders of these companies that give readers valuable insights into these companies and their respective industry.

The book helps you find the right large PSU stocks for an ideal portfolio.

India's Best Public Sector (PSU) enterprises

The Indian Public Sector companies beset with problems imposed by the socialistic objectives of the Government, have triumphed over the many trials and tribulations, the suffocating restrictions and the less than level playing fields, to chalk out impressive performances often surpassing those of the most competitive and professionally managed private sector organizations.

DSIJ's PSU book features

  • bullet Profile of top PSU companies

  • bullet Address and Other contact details

  • bullet Dividend History

  • bullet Bonus History

  • bullet Products Mix

  • bullet Investor returns in the last five years

  • bullet Corporate social responsibility initiatives

  • bullet Analysis of major activities like R&D undertaken

  • bullet Brief profile CMDs and MDs

Indian PSUs hold a lot of value in terms of investment opportunities and with this book, DSIJ keeps you up to date with the necessary information.

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