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Intraday Index Option Scalping

Common statistic states that nearly 80 per cent of the options expire worthlessly. Thus, it translates to a fact that the buyer of the option loses money while on the other hand, the seller actually takes the premium.

To support this view, the chief economist & derivatives strategist, Dr John F Summa published a report in 2003. In his study, Dr Summa shared that on average, 76.5 per cent of all the options held till expiration expired worthless.

Then the question arises as to why people are inclined towards buying an option? Usually, traders buy options in anticipation of making unlimited profit with a limited investment. The lure of unlimited profits is nothing but another name of greed! So, how can one be an option buyer and still make a decent profit? We believe the smart way to earn a decent amount of money by buying an option is to take advantage of the time, when the market is moving in one direction or technically speaking, in a trending market. As we all know that markets do not trend all the time; so, scalping is the best way to make consistent profits from the directional move of the markets.

So, in this product, 'Pop Scalper', we look for phases of trending move & volatility expansion phase of the market and recommend accordingly to buy call or put options in Nifty & Bank Nifty options. The recommendations are provided only during the market hours in the index options with favourable risk-reward ratios as per the available opportunities.

Note: As multiple recommendations will be provided in this product in one single trading session, the transaction costs from brokerage and taxes can eat up a lot of your gains. Hence, traders must opt for low brokerages.

Key Features

Nature of recommendations:- Recommendation would be purely on an intraday basis and all positions would be squared off before 3.15 pm.

Frequency of Recommendations:- Daily 1 or 2 and on weekly expiry day, 2 to 3 recommendations, depending upon the market conditions.

Types of recommendation:- Only Buy Recommendations would be given either on Nifty or Bank Nifty options. Long-only recommendations would also be provided (Long CE or PE). However, we would not recommend option writing.

Service:- All recommendations will be sent on a real-time basis via one of the below mentioned modes of delivery.

  1. SMS (Please make sure to be in the network range).
  2. DSIJ live messenger (login to your account at
  3. Coming soon on DSIJ Android App (Mobile application for Android users)

Risk Level: It's a high-risk intraday derivative product. However, the risk is restricted up to the stop-loss level mentioned in the recommendation.

Updates: - We will send you instant updates via an opted mode of delivery whenever:

  • The buying price is triggered
  • The recommendation is regarding booking profit
  • The recommendation hits the stop-loss
  • The recommendation is discarded
  • Now, you can get recommendations on your mobile through our DSIJ Trade app.
       Google Play | iTunes

Sample Call- You will also receive recommendations in the following format.

1st SMS: POP Scalper: LONG NIFTY 12th Nov* OPT 12500CE above 100 TGT 120 SL 88 Or,  

POP Scalper: LONG BANKNIFTY 12th Nov* OPT 28000CE above 300 TGT 350 SL 270  

Depending on the market conditions we may give recommendation in range.  

* 12th Nov is the second weekly expiry of November month.  

2nd SMS: Once the recommendation triggers the buy point, you’ll receive an update:  

POP Scalper: NIFTY 12th Nov OPT 12500CE Buy Recommendation triggered CMP 100, Recommended Buy above 100.  


POP Scalper: BANKNIFTY 12th Nov OPT 28000CE buy Recommendation triggered CMP 300, Recommended Buy above 300. 

3rd SMS: Once the option reaches the target, you’ll receive an update:  

POP Scalper: Book Profit in NIFTY 12th Nov OPT 12500CE at CMP 118, Recommended Buy above 100. 

4th SMS: Once the option hits the stop-loss, you’ll receive an update:  

POP Scalper: Exit NIFTY 12th Nov OPT 12500CE at 88 as stop-loss triggered, recommended buy above 100 

This update will be provided if the option price has not reached the buying price or triggered price:  

POP Scalper: DISCARD NIFTY 12th Nov OPT 12500CE as the price has not triggered yet. Recommended Buy above 100. 

Final update: Final update will have a brief summary of the performance of the recommendation. POP Scalper: Summary: Today, out of 1 call, 1 call made a profit. 


The recommendations are purely a view point and there is no guarantee on the returns. Hence all the clients (paid or unpaid) are requested to apply their prudence before acting on any of the recommendations. Neither DSIJ Pvt Ltd nor any of its promoters, members, or employees shall be held responsible for any losses incurred (if any) by acting on the recommendations.

Call Tracker
( Only closed recommendation are listed here. Open recommendations are available only in subscriber's login. )

Pop Scalper Performance for the month of Sep-2021

Assuming minimum 1 lot has been traded in each recommendation. Click on Previous link below to view performance of the previous month.

 DayRecommendation DateGain/Loss
Friday24/09/2021 -2700.00
Tuesday21/09/2021 1250.00
Monday20/09/2021 -1000.00
Friday17/09/2021 1000.00
Wednesday15/09/2021 975.00
Monday13/09/2021 -750.00
Wednesday08/09/2021 -1000.00
Monday06/09/2021 -1025.00
  Total: -3250.00

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