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Portfolio Advisory Services

If you are a mid to long term equity market investor who believes in disciplined wealth creation from stock market, Portfolio Advisory Services is "The Right Choice" for you. Unlike traditional Portfolio Management Services, PAS is non-discretionary in nature - thus keeping you in complete control of your stocks & money while you seek professional advice.Portfolio Advisory Services strongly believes that every investors is unique - in terms of risk profile, equity investment style, return expectations from market, holding capacity etc. And so is his portfolio - in terms of number of stocks, relative weight-age among different stocks & sectors, time of entry & impact of volatility. Thus PAS provides custom made advice on restructuring your existing portfolio & fresh recommendations that best suit the "Investor in You".

10 Aspects of Portfolio Advisory Services

Customized Custom made to suit your equity risk appetite and stock investment philosophy.

Monitor PAS research continuously monitors your equity portfolio for potential growth opportunities.

Accuracy PAS gives an average 75% accuracy.

Dialogue PAS believes in having a two way communication with its customers.

Simple Entry / Exit No lock in period. As your stocks and money remains with you, you can enter and exit at your will.

Reconstruct / Build PAS reconstructs your existing portfolio OR builds it specially for you.

Experience PAS research comes with 33 years of experience in the Indian Stock Market.

Simplicity Simple log in, up to date dashboard and real time updates make life easy for you.

Charges No loads and hidden charges…all you pay is an upfront one year subscription amount.

Money While we give you advice your “valuable” money remains with you.

Portfolio Advisory Services Interactive


"Satisfaction is rating, Loyalty is brand"
To move a notch up in serving our high-net-worth individuals, PAS Interactive provides our esteemed customers with an exclusive customer service access, plus features that offer a more than satisfactory experience. 

PAS Interactive includes all the goodness of PAS and in addition clients can request a call back from the research analyst in case of any doubt about the stock. In PAS interactive, we also relieve our clients from uploading the portfolio and updating the portfolio on our dashboard. 

PAS Interactive addresses the three pillars of the portfolio management services – Risk management, Transparency and Service buttressed by our strong research.

You Decide...

Features PAS PAS interactive
Can enter upto 50 stocks
Welcome call to understand your requirements
Porfolio built by DSIJ of 15 -20 stocks over 3-4 mths
Building customized portfolio as per risk and capital
SMS and Email of recommendations
Weekly portfolio performance report through Email
Emailing your queries
Requesting call from analyst (upto 4 calls in a month)
Help in uploading portfolio
Help in updating recommendations

Performance of some current portfolios

Subscription NoStart DateTime Period (In Days)Portfolio Return (%)
1130288499 07 Jun 2013 2145219.96
9244202 16 Aug 2012 2440163.33
1090190326 11 Aug 2013 2080154.53
0416909 25 Aug 2013 2066139.82
1130289785 29 Jun 2013 2123137.33
1120259665 17 Dec 2013 1952132.68
1090186150 30 Oct 2013 2000115.88
1090190529 12 Mar 2012 2597114.05
1080174360 23 Feb 2012 2615112.81
8602918 19 Mar 2013 2225112.53

Have a Query?

The recommendations are purely a view point and there is no guarantee on the returns. Hence all the clients (paid or unpaid) are requested to apply their prudence before acting on any of the recommendations. Neither DSIJ Pvt Ltd nor any of its promoters, members, or employees shall be held responsible for any losses incurred (if any) by acting on the recommendations.