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Special Report

Catching The Trend With ADX

02/01/2018 10:47 AM | Thursday |

Regardless of whether you are a short-term trader or a long-term investor, you have probably heard the common wisdom that ‘the trend is your friend.’ Trend following remains the most absolute mainstream methodology for making huge profit in the stock markets. In the world of stock markets, there are two essential phases, namely, trending and sideways.

Stronger Market Share Gains For Indian Technology Firms In Digital Implementation Projects Remains The Key Opportunity

02/01/2018 10:45 AM | Thursday |

The Indian IT index has lagged the benchmark equity indices through the past calendar year, gaining nearly 11 per cent compared to a whopping 28 per cent rise in the Sensex during the same period. However, should the much-awaited revival in the IT sector materialise as expected, the sector may see some big gainers in 2018.

Enough Ammunition In The Defence Sector For Steady Growth!

01/18/2018 4:04 PM | Thursday |

Defence sector is one sector which was never in the top list of investors only a few years ago. But things have changed recently since the launch of 'Make in India' campaign.

Corporate Social Responsibilty

01/18/2018 11:26 AM | Thursday |

In this era, where we as human beings are connected on multiple levels, a global outlook will be immensely beneficial for us in the field of social change where we try to make the three broad stakeholders – corporates, governments and NGOs/CSOs - collaborate. Whatever be the difficulty of engaging with and among each other we need to agree to work together for the greater good. Perspectives gained from being part of two large movements:

Focus On 52-Week High Stocks To Beat Markets

12/21/2017 10:50 AM | Thursday |

Different investors adopt different strategies to beat the markets. Investing in equities using 52-week high and 52-week low data is one of the most popular methods for several investors. Tanal Loya unearth the secrets of 52-week high-low investing and come up with some profitable observation

Banking sector: Future Growth Compounded

12/07/2017 7:56 PM | Thursday |

With proactive reforms and radical legislative measures set to clean up the PSBs' NPA mess, the banking sector provides long term investment opportunity for investors. Team DSIJ analyses the growth potential of the sector and comes up with top four recommendations in the listed banking space.

Penny Stocks: Penny Invest, Pound Return!

12/07/2017 3:42 PM | Thursday |

If you are a trader or an investor, you would have eventually persuaded yourself to buy a stock which is quoting at a really low price say Rs.6 or may be Rs.8. The judgement to purchase these stocks quoted in single digits in all likelihood would not be a level-headed one, but instead an impulsive or emotional one.

Post GST, Q2FY18 Earnings Show Green Shoots

12/07/2017 2:52 PM | Thursday |

The Q2FY18 results were better than the Q1FY18 results. Neerja Agarwal and Tanay Loya analyse how different sectors fared in their quarterly performance 

Cryptocurrency: Virtual Currency, Real Risk

11/23/2017 11:41 AM | Thursday |

Bitcoin is the most popular digital currency which is not owned by any organisation or a single person and is making waves in the investing world. While there remain several unanswered questions on the safety of the digital currency, Nikita Singh highlights the pros and cons of investing in Bitcoin.