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Please fill the following questionnaire to help us gather information on your risk-taking abilities.
1. How old are you?
Less than 35
36 – 45
46 – 60
Over 60
2. Number of dependents
1 –2
3 – 4
> 4
3. Which of these statements best describes your investing philosophy?
Maximum diversity is my motto. My investments range from the riskiest stocks to the safest bonds and everything in between
I don’t want all my eggs in one basket. My portfolio is split between moderately risky investments
It’s all or nothing. I’m in a high-risk investment that has incredible potential
My portfolio consists mostly of safest bonds, sometimes with very low risks bonds too
4. Suddenly, the market drops swiftly and sharply. Your most recent purchase drops 20 per cent. What do you do?
Sell! I don’t want to worry about it in case it continues to decline even further
Hold! I’ll wait for it to climb up back
Buy more! At this new low price it looks even more attractive than when I first bought it
Sell immediately and no investment till I recover the loss and save some amount
I will never purchase anything whose price fluctuates
5. Due to lost mail, your car will be without insurance for 3 days. Would you…
Ride a friend’s or a family car
Take a bus or a taxi
Drive the car carefully and as little as possible for the next 3 days
Are you kidding? I don’t have insurance on my car right now
6. A friend of a friend is creating an independent film which has a 70 per cent chance of losing all your money, a 20 per cent chance of breaking even and a 10 per cent chance of tripling your money. What would you do?
No thanks – I’m not wasting my money on it
Invest 5 per cent of my life savings in the film
Invest 10 per cent of my life savings in the film
Invest 30 per cent of my life savings in the film
7. For a potential annual rate of return of 50 per cent, you could tolerate a one-year loss of
Less than 10 per cent
10-20 per cent
20-30 per cent
More than 30 per cent
8. When you suffer a financial loss, what are your feelings?
I think it has happened because it was my destiny, I also blame myself
Not bothered. I have many opportunities to cover up my loss and earn 3 times my investment
Be on the lookout for new investment opportunity which gives high returns so that I could cover up my loss
I view it as a hurdle that one needs to cross
I almost never suffer losses, because I stick to investments that do not depreciate in the principal value
9. If you unexpectedly received Rs 10,00,000 to invest, what would you do?
Start a business
Invest it in stocks or stock mutual funds
Invest it in bonds or bond mutual funds
Deposit it in a bank account, money market account, or an insured CD
10. How comfortable are you financially?
I am doing well, I’m on track to live a great life
Extremely well, I can afford to take chances from time to time
Hanging in there, I have to be careful
Not very good, I can use some help
I’m always behind. I bounce checks and I am late on payments
11. To you, a risky investments sounds
Exciting proposition
Somewhat Exciting
Like something you’d prefer to stay away from
12. Your favorite radio station calls and you’ve won a prize. Do you choose…
Rs 100,000 guaranteed cash
A 75 percent chance of winning Rs 200,000
A 25 percent chance of winning Rs 10,00,000
A 5 percent chance of winning Rs 1,00,00,000