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ACOHI Launches Culinary ID for the Hospitality Industry Across India and Asia
  • To strengthen the backbone of the Hospitality Industry

  • Benchmark for Safety, Quality and Security in the Hospitality Industry

The Culinary ID movement has started to bring health and safety in the Hospitality Industry of India here in Pune at the head office of ACOHI Asia. The announcement of the Culinary ID certification was today announced at the ACOHI headquarters at a Media conference by Dr. Sanee Awsarmmel, Chairman BOG Chief of ACOHI - Asian Countries Chamber of Hospitality Industry.

Dignitaries at the launch of the Culinary ID for the Hospitality industry across India and Asia

The Culinary ID is only given to people of expertise of their product which is only for one year which has series of paperwork and proceedings the brand has to go through. On satisfaction and completion of paper scrutiny work, the Culinary ID is awarded which stands on City, State, National International Level which is termed as very prestigious for any brand in the Hospitality Industry which is awarded with the same.

Culinary ID Listing (2022) is the process in entire Asia which talks about the background check and specialty of the person, brand or company. Earlier many a times due to non availability or much research, information, background many a times wrong vendors people and products were servicing the industry due to which many negative results were seen in past.

The Culinary ID and Listing process will strengthen the backbone of the Industry and will provide value for money, verified, researched and most needed products and vendors through this International Process which is supposed to become the benchmark for Safety, Security Quality which our Industry needs, said Dr. Sanee Awsarmmel Chairman BOG Chief of ACOHI - Asian Countries Chamber of Hospitality Industry in an International Press Conference which was positioned at ACOHI Asian Secretariat here in Pune.

In its next move ACOHI brings the world costly and premium water to enter the Hospitality Industry of India. The citizens of India and others residing here will get major health benefit out of the most neglected commodity is the prime force now to rebuild the structure of Health for its customers in India ranging from Star category hotels to street food establishments. As our body consists of more than 70% of water the component becomes very important which was neglected so far resulting in various chronic diseases, low immunity and many other health disorders.

ACOHI Alkaline Movement Started in India by ACOHI with the most scientific approach resulting in major changes in the structures of water parameters here in India soon to be followed by the rest of the world, series of Make in India and International products will be introduced to Industry to make sure the end customer is well protected in terms of his health. Right from washing cleaning of fruits, pulses vegetables to cooking process all will be redefined as per the ACOHI Alkaline Movement Protocols which will change the economics of water research in India as far as health is concerned. Major changes will be seen in kitchens of 5-star hotels to lower categories hotels whereby separate scientific approach will be installed for cooking which is majorly missing at the moment across India and rest of the world.

As of now only regular water is used for washing as well as cooking which will change drastically with separate Alkaline water with 11.5 PH for washing vegetables which will remove pesticides as well as 9 PH water for cooking for retention of basic nutrition in food and with this approach India becomes the first country in World to adopt ACOHI Alkaline Protocols for safety of their customers consumers added Awsarmmel.

Prestigious Culinary ID is awarded to Panacea H2O Gold 444777

We are delighted to get the most premium prestigious Culinary ID - Nationalfrom ACOHI for the year 2022 and we are sure with our international expertise of our entire team positioned across India Asia we will be able to change major parameters with our specialized products crafted with accurate results for health using the techno base of Molecular Hydrogen Studies, Energy Frequency, Technology and Research from the entire world related to Alkaline water. Alkaline water can be also used for Personal Care, Skin Care, Wellness, Lifestyle ensuring improved immunity. Water Ionization Acid-Alkaline PH Scaling that effectively and efficiently ensure Natural, Hazard free, Water to Sanitize, Sterilize, Cleanup, Purify, Wash, Eliminate, Degrease, Remove Chemicals and Pesticides, Viruses, Funguses various Bacteria from the Raw Meat, Veggies, Fruits, Agricultural Food Produce from the source there by restoring Freshness, Nutritional Values, Aroma, Taste and Blend into final cuisine serving on the table along with increased shelf life, said Shashidhar Iyer Founder CEO of Panacea H2O Gold 444777.

Better Culinary ID Days ahead for Hospitality Industry of India Asia.

For listing your valued product with Hospitality Industry of India Asia kindly send details at know more about us at


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