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Workplaces Should Manage Ill-intentioned Curiosity Towards LGBTQIA+ Employees: Panel
Panel discussion held by KelpHR at the KASHISH Mumbai International Queer Film Festival highlights the need for managing curiosity harassment against LGBTQIA+ community at work and making them aware of their PoSH rights and policies

KelpHR, a pioneering organisation formed in 2013 with a vision to build a safe, happy, and inclusive workplaces through best-in-class HR practices partnered with the recently concluded KASHISH Mumbai International Queer Film Festival to host a panel discussion on the topic Understanding PoSH and its implications; on June 5, 2022.

Machindra Kapare, Nishtha Nishant, Archana Shetty, Smita Shetty Kapoor, CEO and Co-founder KelpHR

Sexual harassment at the workplace is often swept under the carpet. Also, it is presumed that only women are victims of sexual harassment, thereby obliterating the sexual harassment faced by LGBTQ+ persons both at workplace and in various public places. The panel discussion unpacked PoSH (Prevention of Sexual Harassment) to focus on experiences of lesbian and bisexual women, trans-persons and non-binary persons.

Among the highlights of the discussion was a general consensus to encourage workplaces to manage any ill-intentioned curiosity towards LGBTQIA+ colleagues by sensitising all employees towards them and by helping the community to understand their rights under the Prevention of Sexual Harassment (PoSH) and other policies to combat homophobia and transphobia at workplace.

People from the LGBTQIA community undergo harassment of all kinds be it sexual, emotional, or physical, but what the world at large does not understand is that curiosity harassment is as hurtful. Curiosity harassment is when you make another person uncomfortable with personal or targeted questions on surgery, private parts or a choice of clothes, partners, etc. Therefore, it is imperative that the queer community not be subject to any harassment by virtue of malicious/ill-intended curiosity by their colleagues, friends, acquaintances or even strangers, for that matter. Workplaces, particularly, should reset this archaic mindset and make their workforce aware of the law and policies that will protect the LGBTQIA community and ensure their safety. We are grateful to KASHISH for providing us with this wonderful platform to help spread the word, said Smita Shetty Kapoor, CEO Co-founder of KelpHR, who moderated the panel.

Machindra Kapare, Nishtha Nishant, Archana Shetty, Smita Shetty Kapoor, CEO and Co-founder KelpHR

Panellists who participated in the discussion were Nishtha Nishant, Transwoman, Equal Rights Activist, TEDx speaker; Archana Shetty, Humsafar Trust; and Machindra Kapare, Senior Advocate PoSH Lawyer and moderated by Smita Shetty Kapoor, CEO Co-founder, KelpHR.

While all organizations are waving rainbow flags during Pride month, let ask for Trans/Queer PoSH policies, said Nishtha Nishant (She/Her), Transwoman, an Equal Rights Activist, a TEDx speaker.

The panel was moderated by Smita Shetty Kapoor, CEO Co-founder, KelpHR. Below are the details of otherPanel Members.

  1. Archana Shetty, Humsafar Trust

  2. Machindra Kapare, Senior Advocate PoSH Lawyer

  3. Nishtha Nishant (She/Her), Transwoman, an Equal Rights Activist, a TEDx speaker

About KelpHR

KelpHR was incorporated in 2013 to provide the best HR solutions to organizations, and to improve workplace culture across the board. Over the last 8 years, we have serviced more than 700 clients in India and a few overseas, across various industries in the areas of PoSH (prevention of sexual harassment at workplace), D, E I (Diversity, Equity Inclusion) and EAP (Employee Assistance Programs). But the common objective of all of these services is to build safer, happier, inclusive and productive workplaces.

For any of our other services related to Prevention of Sexual Harassment (PoSH) or Employee Assistance programs (EAP) do get in touch with us at, call +91-95001-29652 and we;d be able to help you with customized offerings suited to your organization.


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