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DSIJ Magazine

Fortnightly power packed magazine focused on providing ‘Çall to Action’ advice for investors as well as Traders.

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most reliable stock market weekly newsletter for 1-3 month period”

Portfolio Advisory Services

DSIJ keeps a 24*7 eye on your portfolio and provides timely entry and exit advices to maximize your gains


Short and effective returns

POP and TAS Services

Get recommendations & tips on stocks, futures and options through our highly rated POP suite of services. Best suited for actively involved equity, derivative and commodity traders.  These services are powered by highly qualified & experienced technical experts with the intent to maximize returns by capturing short term opportunities in the markets.


SEBI Registered Investment Advisor
Regn No. NA000001142



    Our experts analyses quarterly results posted by the company and give their views on company’s business outlook. This section also provides a cumulative view off all the results posted by the company during the financial year.


    In this section our experts analyses the forthcoming IPO & FPO. It also showcases the performance of new listings on the stock exchange with complete information like listing date, listing price, volume etc.


    Our experts analyses and share their views on latest development in Indian economic environment, Companies business strategies, Result updates etc. and their impact on Stock & Indices movement.

    PreMarket Trading

    Updated research reports from well known broking houses. This includes Fundamental or Technical rational behind the recommendation & gives you an idea to pick stock for trading or investment purposes.

    3500+ Company

    Get up to date information on companies performance of the current year, share holding pattern and other market related data like Market cap, Current market price, Trailing PE ratio etc. Source of information is company press release and annual reports.

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Challenge 2 Day Toppers

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  • Abhay Chhadwa
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