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In a world where technological change is happening at lightning speed, established business models are being disrupted. Survival instincts are compelling companies to reinvent themselves, crafting innovative strategies with one focus: the "Customer is King." Vriddhi seeks out the pioneers, the new-age companies spanning various sectors, who are revolutionizing business as we know it. Their disruptive journey may take time, making them ideal long-term investments. Our product identifies these forward-thinkers, stocks that have the potential to offer substantial returns. These are not just investments; they are your ticket to a brighter, more prosperous future.

Why This Service?

Embark on a journey to unearth exceptional opportunities and reap multifold returns with Vriddhi Growth. Your path to extraordinary gains starts here.

Future-Focused Investments

Targets new-age, innovative companies across various sectors that are leading business revolution, emphasizing long-term growth potential.

Adaptation to Technological Evolution

Identifies companies that are adept at reinventing themselves in response to rapid technological changes, prioritizing customer-centric strategies.

Long-Term Prosperity

Offers a selection of forward-thinking stocks poised for substantial returns, ideal for investors looking to build a prosperous future through patient investment.

Awesome Service Highlights

Unlock the full potential of your investments with our in-depth analysis and personalized guidance.


Client shall receive 1 recommendation per month over a period of 1 year.

Holding Period

The holding period for each recommended stock may be for 3 year.

Clear Guide

Recommendations will provide clear entry and exit points to make most out of it.


Vriddhi is based on Growth investing philosophy. It is a high-risk product with potential upside of 60%+.

Detailed Review

A detailed review of the recommendation's performance will be provided every 3 months.

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Jayant Bane
Jayant Bane-Dombivili, Maharashtra

"Being an active investor ,for the past 3 years i am using dsij advisory service. I have subscribed to their Vridhdhi Growth service .It has given me very good returns on my investments.I really appreciate Dsij team for their excellent advisory Services.Thanks to all dsij team."

18th September 2023

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions on your mind? We have the answers for you!

Vriddhi Growth is an equity recommendation service focused on long-term growth investments. We recommend stocks based on technical and fundamental analyses to help investors build a profitable portfolio over time.

Our investment philosophy is centered around identifying adaptable firms with the potential for market expansion and embracing technological changes.

Vriddhi Growth is ideal for investors with a long-term investment horizon who are looking for potential returns of 40% or more over three years.

Yes, investors can invest in Vriddhi Growth by systematically investing as per their capital availability through SIP (Systematic Investment Plan).

You will receive monthly stock recommendations to BUY a stock with an estimated holding period of three years. Once the stock reaches the expected target price, you will receive a SELL signal.

You will receive quarterly result updates on the recommended stocks, analysis behind stock picks, login access to Vriddhi Growth Dashboard, and complete training and orientation of the service.

All recommendations and updates will be sent in real-time via email and app notifications, ensuring no time lags or delays.

Vriddhi Growth is considered a low to medium risk service. We recommend companies with or expected to have a high moat over competitors in their operational area.

CMP stands for Current Market Price, TGT is Target Price, SL is Stop Loss, and BP is Book Profit.

You can subscribe to Vriddhi Growth through our website or designated channels. Pricing details can be found on our official website, including subscription plans and payment options.

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