Trader Products FAQs

Currently we have 3 cash-based products and 3 derivative products to choose from.

We provide both Intraday as well as positional calls depending on the service you choose. All the derivative products including one cash product, POP Stock, are intraday, while TAS and BTST are positional

In most of the intraday products we give 1-3 recommendations every day. For positional products, it differs. You can get specific information about the product on the comparison chart and product page.

Presently the recommendations are sent through notifications on Trader App and alerts on website.

We always give Buy above/ Sell below or a range to facilitate you to be able to buy at a recommended price .

This may happen, though rarely, owing to extraordinary market conditions. We believe in the strategy of powering profitable calls instead of focusing on just completing the daily count.

The returns are subject to market risk however based on the strategy and past performance you can check the expected returns on each product in the comparison chart. These are indicative returns and not a guarantee.

About Rs 70,000 to 1,75,000 for trading a single lot depending on product. It also depends on the margin made available to you by your broker

For derivative products it is based on 1 Lot and for cash segment it is based on per Lakh basis.

Yes, we do provide Target and Stop loss which is mandatory to put each time you act on our advice. We focus on single targets. We do not practice multiple targets.

Yes, we do provide a trial for almost all our trader products. Nonetheless, you should not judge the service based on the short trial. Trials are primarily given to understand the working of our services.

Again, we do not recommend you judge any product based on the short trial period. Trials are to just give you a feel and to make you understand the working of our services.

The best place would be to our product pages and the comparison charts to find the expected returns based on each products strategy. Should also at least look at the past 6 months performance.

Transparency is one of the core values of DSIJ products. To verify you can take a trial and match the recommendations the next day updated on the performance tracker. This is the best way to check genuinely for any Advisory. You may also want to wait a few days/weeks and revisit to check that the updated value has remained the same later also.

Max 2 open positions in TAS and only 1 in BTST

We have a dedicated customer team who will help you with your queries. Do call on the customer care or drop us a mail on

Absolutely, we are registered as Research Analyst with SEBI Registration No. INH000006396.

Yes, for that you need to subscribe to the POP Scalper service.

We are not biased towards any one broker. However, we recommend you use a broker that provides rates which are friendly for trading purposes. If your brokerage is high then you will not be able to get the best advantage from the recommendations given.

Use of DSIJ's proprietary trading methodology with each call being followed with updates regarding target price, stoploss trigger price etc.

No, we only give buy recommendations.


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