Investor Products FAQs

We have a set of well-researched products aimed at investors that are looking for distinctive investment opportunity and a given holding period

The products being referred to are as follows:

  • Value Pick: 1 year product based on Value Investing philosophy
  • Vriddhi: 3-year product based on Growth Investing philosophy
  • Tiny Treasure: 1 year product focusing on the small cap companies
  • Mid Bridge: 1 year product focusing on the mid cap companies
  • Large Rhino: 1 year product focusing on the large cap companies
  • Upstream Pick: 1.5-year product based on Contrarian philosophy
Beyond the above 1 recommendation/month service, we also provide the following two advisory service:
  • Super Equity Portfolio: A passive wealth creation portfolio product
  • Portfolio Advisory service: A dynamic and active wealth creating product.

The holding period for these products typically vary from 1 year to 3 years based on the product you choose

We don't have product Specifically for banking sector, but you can select as per the investment philosophy which suits you, it can be sector wise likewise small cap, mid cap , large cap etc.

Yes, we do provide products that specifically cater to small cap, mid cap and large cap.

As per the research done and the investment strategy, the holding period and the target are decided of a stock. Now, if the target is achieved before the end of the holding period and the given stock does not show further potential then it becomes better to book profit and use the freed-up capital for re-investing. If there is some fundamental indicator that indicates the stock may rise further, then at times we chose to revise the target.

We suggest a minimum of at least Rs 15,000 to Rs 30,000 per month. However, it is up to your discretion and capital available for investment.

We, at DSIJ, have honed a proprietary research model on finding wining stocks and we use this model for our various products. In addition, we select the stocks based on various investment philosophies like Small Cap, Mid Cap, Large Cap, Value investing, Contrarian, Growth investment etc for different products keeping in mind the various fundamental values for the stock. For details you can check the comparison chart on the investor page or for more details you can visit the product page.

Investment in stock market always involves a calculated risk and uncertainty owing to various conditions like politics, economy, policies etc. These cannot be foreseen. However, professionally researched stock investment can mitigate such risk involved while maximising the upside potential. Having said that and as a SEBI registered entity, we cannot guaranty profits and also past performance is no guarantee for future performance.

Investment in the stock market is fraught with risk. This can be minimised if you stick to a larger basket of high cap and less volatile stocks. Do note, taking less risk also tends to reduce your upside potential. You may want to consider Mutual funds or go with our Large Rhino or Super 60 product.


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