FII DII Activity

FII stands for Foreign institutional investors. It refers to investors from other countries putting money in Indian stock markets. These are in the form of sovereign wealth funds, investment trusts, mutual funds, and pension funds apart from banks. Domestic institutional investors also referred to as DII comprise of local mutual funds, insurance companies, local pension funds, and banking and financial institutions.

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The following table displays cash flows of Foreign Institutional Investors (FII) and Domestic Institutional Investors (DII) which basically indicates the FII DII activity in the Indian stock market.

FIIs as well as DIIs draw bulk liquidity in the market and no denying the fact that the stock markets are mostly driven by institutional money. If the inflows and outflows of FIIs, as well as DIIs, are tracked, it can help predict the broader trends in the market. Nevertheless, FIIs have had a greater influence on the domestic markets in the past but then, its recent exodus has partially been offset by the sustained flow from DIIs.

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