Advisory Service FAQs

PAS (Portfolio Advisory Services) and SEP (Super Equity Portfolio) have distinct focuses and purposes. PAS offers a personalized portfolio advisory service, providing ongoing optimization and monitoring to achieve long-term returns. It assists investors in constructing or reconstructing portfolios based on their risk profiles and investment philosophies. Conversely, SEP concentrates on delivering a pre-built portfolio of 15 stocks categorized as Multicap, SmallCaps, and Midcap, with BUY and SELL recommendations and an estimated holding period of three to five years.

Yes, DSIJ PVT LTD is registered with SEBI as an Investment Advisor since 2014. Their SEBI registration number is INA000001142, which legally permits them to offer investment advisory services.

PAS is non-discretionary in nature, granting complete control to the investor over their stocks and money. DSIJ's core proprietary research unit creates an individualized portfolio based on subscriber inputs, such as risk profile, starting portfolio value, and existing holdings.In SEP, investors can select pre-built portfolios according to their risk appetite and amount will be suggested by the system.

Certainly, subscribers will receive recommendations for both buying and exiting stocks. Updates are communicated via email and the secure member area on the DSIJ website. The PAS and SEP team also provides interim updates on the portfolio's held stocks when necessary, such as significant changes in stock prices or quarterly results announcements.

For PAS, the minimum capital required is 50,000, whereas in SEP, after risk profiling, subscribers are suggested the required amount.

In other offerings, subscribers receive one recommendation per month. In contrast, PAS provides a completely customized portfolio based on individual nature and market conditions, while SEP allows investors to choose pre-built portfolios according to their risk appetite.

PAS (Portfolio Advisory Services) and PMS (Portfolio Management Services) differ in nature. PAS is non-discretionary, allowing the investor to retain control of their stocks and money. In contrast, PMS is a discretionary service where the portfolio manager has the authority to make investment decisions on behalf of the investor. DSIJ provides advice for building portfolios with BUY and SELL recommendations, leaving the final decision in the hands of the investor.

Investors will be kept informed through email and the secure member area on the DSIJ website, receiving recommendations and updates in real-time.

According to SEBI guidelines, advisory services can be provided to clients for a maximum of six months. However, DSIJ offers the facility to renew the service after the initial period.

There is no lock-in period, but the subscription period lasts for six months. Subscribers are advised to renew their membership in time to continue receiving benefits. Capital will not be locked, and investors can easily log in to their account, make cash additions or withdrawals, and manage their funds in the PAS recommendation portfolio page.

Yes, subscribers can reset their PAS portfolio at any time. However, after doing so, they will no longer receive updates on the old recommendations. The research team advises against resetting the portfolio unless there is a significant issue. In SEP, however, the pre-built portfolio cannot be reset.

Yes, clients will always be notified of any changes made to their portfolio. Updates are sent through email and the secure member area on the DSIJ website.

Subscribers can contact the PAS & SEP operations team by sending an email to The operations team will address customer queries and difficulties and act as an interface between the customer and the research team. However, direct access to the research team members is not available in PAS & SEP.

Yes, with each recommendation, subscribers receive details of the recommended stocks, including information about the company, quarterly results, and key triggers for purchasing those stocks. In-depth explanations are provided to help investors understand the rationale behind those specific recommendations.

DSIJ has been in the stock market research since 1986, putting forth their best efforts to protect investors' capital and help them create wealth. However, this can only be on a best effort/intent basis, and guaranteed returns in the stock market cannot be assured. DSIJ does not have a refund policy.


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